Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday - again!

Far too soon it seems, the dreaded start to the work week has arrived right on schedule! And it will be a cold start today, the temp is -20, with a wind chill of - 37! (that's celsius by the way). The colder it is the longer it takes my car to warm up, so I may be as chilled as Paul and Alanna!

Pam and I will only have today of this work week to have any creative discussion, and I see we will have to look at her latest additions to both stories during break and lunch today.

I can totally understand her slump from yesterday (I put it down to a parallel creative freeze with the weather!) and it does happen from time to time. I'm glad I have a few days away from work to spend with our characters and see where I can take them now.

My daughter should be waking up to the sunny warmth of the Caribbean this morning - not that I'm envious or anything! I hope she and her two girlfriend have a relaxing, and safe, week.

Well I suppose I can't postpone getting ready for work any longer, need a few extra minutes to separate all the creatures this morning before leaving - two cats into their separate areas of the house and the dog can have the run of the main floor. I just don't quite trust them all to leave them together unsupervised!

Cheers & stay warm!

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