Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well done Pam!

Great photos Pam!   And a super write up on your time spent at Bloody Words this year…here’s looking forward to 2011 in Victoria!  I'm so glad you represented Jamie Tremain at this year's venue and networked enough for the both of us.

Pam has also been honing her interview skills lately.  As may have been mentioned before, I edit a newsletter for our department each month.  The usual social information of birthdays and anniversaries, plus some health or computer tips.  Last month Pam took it upon herself to interview two of our staff and submitted very nice write ups for those interviewed.  Many positive compliments have been received and those chosen for next month’s interviews seem quite flattered by the attention. It’s a wonderful way for us to get to know each other – we number about two hundred – and perhaps see others in a different, non-work related, light.

Hard to believe we are now into the month of June, accompanied by thunderstorms and far too frequent humidity.  Although the rain today seems to have lowered the temperature some…perhaps a better night’s sleep may be in store for yours truly.

Right now amidst packing and organizing for my upcoming move, I am reading “Burden of Memory” by Vicki Delany.  This is the second book I've read by this author and I am really enjoying the tale; its hard to put down.   I’ve had to keep out one or two books to tide me over until the unpacking can begin later this month.  And not in small part due to the fact that (horror of horrors!) I will be offline for just over a week.  I look forward very much to organizing a new office space and feel confident it will be a good motivator to wrap up the first draft of Body Perfect.

As well this is a busy social month, my granddaughter’s 5th birthday; my daughter’s birthday (just a little older than five!); some good friends as well.  Not to mention Father’s Day on the 20th!  Get your shares in those greeting card companies asap.

Time to call it a night and return to “Burden of Memory” for a chapter or two before lights out.

Good night and cheers.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Images from Bloody Words

Giles Blunt was the Canadian Guest of Honour
This picture was taken at the "Sisters in Crime Luncheon". Deon Meyers from South Africa reads from his latest thriller "Thirteen Hours".
Ross Pennie an Infectious Disease Doctor who has written his first medical mystery, "Tainted". He also has a memior of Papau New Guinea. " The Unforgiving Tide"
Pam and Anthony Bidulka author of the Russell Quant Series
Pam & Robert Landori the author of "Fatal Greed". His new book is coming out shortly. Sorry, name escapes me.
Vicki Delaney sporting her Victorian hat to promote her Klondike series. This is an example of my bad photography. Sorry Vicki.
Pam & R.J. Harlick at the banquet. Robin is the author of the Meg Harris series.

This is a picture of Caro Soles and her friend Boney Pete. Caro started Bloody Words in 1999. I attended a three hour class on Sunday morning with her. Planning and plotting. Excellent.

This is just a few of the images from the convention. Photography is not my forte, so lets hope my writing is better.

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