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Blog-Letter November 2022

 November 1 2022

"The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one, be one." 

Nishan Panwar


And what better day to start the month than noting November 1 is National Author's Day! Although it's American based, Jamie Tremain is happy to ride the coat tails of this observance. There are ways to mark the day:

  • Buy a Book
  • Read a book
  • Thank an author - either directly through searchable contact information, or with a book review and comments. (Think Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram, etc)
  • Attend a book signing

And of course there are two days in November of special note. American Thanksgiving - this year on November 24.

And November 11 - a day to remember, and honour past, present and future service people. A favourite slogan always comes to mind. "If you don't want to stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them."

Liz's previous Remembrance Day Post  from 2019

From Pam:

The nights are closing in but the rose bush outside my window is still in bloom. It's called an Alberta Wild Rose and is the Province of Alberta's flower emblem. I'm not sure who planted this one but it gives me much pleasure. Perhaps they came from Alberta and this bush made them feel at home. I'd like to think so. Next year I'll pick the rose hips and make tea.

You are probably thinking; Oh, Pam knows her garden plants and making tea from hips! Well, not really. I can tell a rose from a dahlia, and a few others. And I usually make a good pot of tea with Yorkshire Gold tea bags, but I resort to Mr. Google if I am lacking in the required information.

Which brings me to Jamie Tremain's writing. Liz and I have been busy with a few other projects and the release of book three in the Grant's Crossing Series - Acting Off-Script. Book four in our Dorothy Dennehy Mystery series is now waiting on a good brainstorming session. The premise of the book has been formed but now it's time to get butt in chair and write the story. Another face-to-face session with Liz before the snow flies should sort this out.

You can put your broomsticks away now as Halloween is over. You can send any Coffee Crisp treats to me if you haven't eaten them all. 

To our American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a good one.


From Liz:

Cleopatra's Vendetta by Avanti Centrae

This is the first book of the VanOps thriller series that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I enjoyed getting to know central characters -  Special Ops leader Timothy Stryker, and wife Angie, along with Angie’s sister, Samantha.

A fast-paced action-filled thriller featuring locales in Egypt, Italy, and Greece – to name a few, this book touches on multiple timely issues. Sex trafficking, deep fake news and political unrest – for conspiracy theorists, there are plenty of options here!

All set against the historical backdrop story of Cleopatra – Egyptian Queen from 51 – 30 BC, and what secrets she may have taken with her when she died.

When Stryker’s wife is kidnapped, along with their 4-year old daughter, Stryker will stop at nothing to find and rescue her, despite their strained marriage relationship.

For fans of spy chases, despicable villains, and gadgetry, this tale won’t disappoint.



Jamie Tremain News:

Author Marian Thorpe is a gifted writer of  historical fiction, set in an imaginary world.  Jamie Tremain was featured last month on her blog, as part of her Writing for Effect series.

November 6 sees Guelph's Book Bash once again become an in-person event and Jamie Tremain is excited to be taking part, with almost 30 other local area authors! And thanks in no small part to Vocamus Press in Guelph, who do so much to promote our local literary scene.

Stay tuned for info about an upcoming book event in Oakville early December!

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