Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lazy Saturday

 And apparently not just for mere humans either.

I enjoyed watching the squirrels basking in the sun.  And unusual for them, it was a treat to see both black and grey squirrels sharing the same space. Normally there would be much chasing and chattering if these rodent cousins crossed paths!

Mid way through a three day weekend and not feeling much ambition for anything.  Maybe it’s the weather, because finally we have some sunshine today and the temperatures are much more spring like!
Seems I just want to enjoy having the windows open and feeling a relatively warm spring breeze sweep through the house. 

Some laundry has been on the agenda and putting together Easter baskets for the grandchildren for tomorrow – that’s been pretty much the extent of the day’s energy output! Body Perfect sits before me and I will try and get some more of the revised pages cleaned up.   But the supper hour beckons and that will need to be dealt with first.

Let’s see; what else is in the works right now.  The price of gas – disgusting, with promises to go even higher!  As well I need to have new brakes installed on my car within the next week or two...ouch $$$.   And our federal election heads into the home stretch; my mind is already decided so I’m not too bothered by the endless commercials and flyers.

Well that's too much brain commotion for now, so I'll just end by wishing all a very Happy Easter – whether its lazy or filled with activity.



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh my God, Pam, you're looking good!

I did quite well for the first week of my new regime. I walked on four days out of the seven. My plans to stride out this morning were dashed by torrential rain. Drat’s, I really wanted to hit the trails! The big problem really is food and the continual snacking at work. Everywhere I turn someone if offering food. I just have to learn to say NO.

Reading the usual argie bargie from the election candidates in my weekend paper this morning, and might it be said, not a clear winner amongst them, I turned the page and started reading a book review that had the tears streaming down my face. This is an excerpt from a book of essays written by the Canadian actress Mary Walsh. Called, “No longer just acting”.

Here I am, a brassy bit of aging crumpet on the slippery slope side of fifty five and picking up speed, but because even as a young actress I played an endless series of big, loud, opinionated old bags, it didn’t really hit me that I had now become one. I thought that I was just still acting. But in a moment of stunning and, frankly, crushing clarity earlier this year, it struck me. I had reached the third stage of womanhood. You know the three stages: young, middle-aged and oh-my-God, Mary, you’re looking good.

The excerpt went on in that vein until I hurt laughing. That just may be the secret to accepting getting older; Keep on laughing. My writing this week has been mainly research as I search for agents that I hope are suitable. My list gets longer. This week I am starting on a synopsis of Body Perfect. I find synopsis really daunting but I will confer with my partner and discuss the fine points before attempting it.

Have a good week,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The next installment...of my life

I had a significant birthday three months ago that catapulted me into the stratosphere of “old age”. I prefer to think of it as the next instalment of my life. There are so many negative connotations to aging that if you believed all the hype I should be wearing arch supports, dentures, have thinning hair and a multitude of ailments along with my walker. I most definitely see the aging process at work on my face and body. Over the years I have always tried to eat right and exercise but for the last while it has been a chore to get me away from the fridge and the couch. So I only have myself to blame for the sagging body and face. I do keep my mind active by going to my job everyday and pretending I know what I am doing in this technological world. I read constantly and of course there are the Jamie Tremain books. So here is the plan and you heard it here first......Starting today I am on a 12 week training program that will take me to the first week in July. Just in time for my official retirement from my paid job. I started today by walking around the ravine that is situated behind my house. I doubt if it is a ½ km but I was sweating buckets. Just how out of shape am I??? I don’t plan on weighing myself as that just leads to disappointment and sabotage. So..lose a few pounds, have more energy to write after working all day, eat healthy foods and less meat and if the pundits are right, eat much less. I hope to walk everyday at least around the ravine until I can build up to a decent hike. I managed two half marathons nearly five years ago but I think my goal will be to walk up stairs and still be able to talk!! I may regret saying all this but what do I have to lose. If I am being a tad obsessive about this aging thing it’s because I have the white hair and the glasses ; oh and the hearing aids that are not age related I might add or at least they were. I have now cornered the market on poly-filla to fill in the grooves and with my new regime of walking and eating for one, not an army, I am good to go. Liz and I have a date for a get together at the end of the month to work on the last chapters of Body Perfect. This time she will make the trip to Oakville. I wonder if she will feel like a walk around the ravine. My reading material at the moment is the novel by Sarah Gruen, Water for Elephants. Just at chapter three and enjoying the era it been has written about. The movie is coming out soon. Talking of movies, my favourite author Louise Penny has negotiated to have her books made into television movies. I can’t wait to see Chief Inspector Armand Gamache on the screen. Talk soon, Slainte, Pam

Spring Has Arrived

And how wonderful to be able to open windows!   As I sit at my desk with my first coffee of the day and Body Perfect open to update our latest revisions, I can enjoy hearing robins, and children’s voices.  Sounds carry more clearly while trees are still leafless.  They may be bare for now, but outside my window I see branch tips bursting with buds.  Squirrels are trafficking up and down the trunks with treasures, or playing tag with each other.   We are promised a high of about 14c (58f) and that’s my kind of spring temperature.

The sky is cloudy, but enough sun is on hand to have the cats seeking out those sunny spots for snoozing. I think I can safely have my snow tires removed now!

A busy week at work, especially for Pam. Once again she pulled together an event for the centre to  enjoy. The focus was on World Health Day; we had displays from Canadian Mental Health, The Heart & Stroke Foundation, and the Canadian Hearing Society.  As well, some healthy snack alternatives were displayed, along with some demonstrations of yoga and hula-hooping. 

Its not quite noon, and I’ve managed to get some chores out of the way and am ready to get down to revision work.  Its peaceful and there is a gentle breeze drifting through my window – I’d better get to work or I’ll be dozing off instead.

Hope your weekend goes well and that the weather suits you wherever you are.


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