Saturday, January 8, 2022

I'm Not a Fan of Winter

January 8, 2022

It's dark in the morning when I get up and dark again by 4 pm.  This winter has been gloomy and dreich. Isn't that a wonderful word?

The first recorded use of the word "dreich" was in 1420 when it originally meant "enduring" or "slow, tedious".

Yes, I hail from Scotland and the Scottish Book Trust named this the most 'iconic' of Scots words. I'm used to rain, being born and bred in Edinburgh. If it doesn't rain every day, it rains every other day. Or that's what I remember. It's either drizzle or rain that chills you to the bone. My mother always told me it was good for my complexion!

I left Scotland fifty-five years ago, so with Global warming perhaps it's changed. Now here in Canada, each province can be different on the same day. I was complaining in a post a few days ago that it was -13 c. A friend from Alberta promptly returned my whine and asked if I would like to join him in his town at -48 degrees celsius! No thank you! Snow has been a hit and miss in Ontario this winter at least where I'm situated near Lake Ontario. 

Now, what has the weather to do with my writing life? My partner in crime, Liz Lindsay loves a day of rain and she finds she is more productive with a good downpour. I need the sunshine to find my muse or at least I use that as an excuse when I'm procrastinating. And I'm sticking to that theory.

So, the original meaning of dreich, slow, tedious and enduring, seems to fit the times we are trying our best to get through. For the last two years, we have endured this oppressive pandemic and for most, it has been tedious. Like the rain and the cold, it will surely change to sunshine and better days ahead.

I'd better check the weather forecast for tomorrow as Liz is waiting on some writing from me. 

Chance of flurries



Chance of flurries

Chance of flurries or rain showers



Chance of flurries or rain showers

 It looks like the sun is peeking out on Saturday and only a chance of flurries. She may get lucky but I can't see me getting much writing done on Sunday. I wonder what's on Netflix that I haven't seen?

Stay safe...and dry wherever you are.

                                    Slainte, Pam

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Beginnings - Blog-Letter

 January 2 2022

A New Year always seem to call for a fresh start, new beginnings and the dreaded "R" word. You'll find no resolutions here, only aspirations, accomplishments and news of the write kind. 

As you can see from the banner above, Jamie Tremain is taking advantage of the New Year and new beginnings with a new Blog-Letter. A combination blog post and newsletter. We hope to do a Blog-Letter monthly, but lest this hope fall under the umbrella of failed New Year's Resolution, no more shall be said. In addition we'll still provide blogs with interviews and posts on the writing world as we have done in the past.

How did you celebrate or observe your year-end?

Year End Thoughts


Christmas 2021 has passed. How I had planned to spend it and how it actually turned out are two different things. After another frustrating year with COVID our family planned, and anticipated, a long over due Christmas gathering. There would be about 16 of us. Food contributions and gift ideas were organized and all was good until about 8 days before. Then Omicron numbers grinched our Christmas. The gathering was reduced to 8 in number. My husband and I had the day to ourselves. Although we did enjoy a fun, but all too brief, visit from my daughter and her family early Christmas Day. Greetings and love exchanged outside our apartment door. We talked with everyone throughout the day, and even though there were only two of us, we ate way too much!

A planned Christmas Eve with my sister and her husband was also nixed when three of us felt we might be coming down with something. So better safe than sorry, and another visit rain-checked until today, when it is hoped they will visit with us for a spaghetti dinner.

Although I am truly disappointed at not having the Christmas with family as hoped for, I’m still grateful that everyone is well and that I’m blessed beyond words with a close family and loyal friends.

2022 promises to be busy for Jamie Tremain and perhaps, fingers crossed, we may see a return to some book events where Pam can unleash her sales skills. She is the people person of this partnership and will keep Jamie Tremain front and forefront wherever she goes. And I'm glad she does! 

I hope 2022 is a Healthy, Happy, and safe one for all!

                                       Even Mary B. Eyes came along for the brief visit.


As one half of a writing duo called Jamie Tremain, I’m more than thrilled to have a partner that is so tech-savvy. 2021 saw our jump to being Indie authors and published two new books.  In August “Beholden to None”, the third in the Dorothy Dennehy mysteries, was published and in October a new series began with “Grant's Crossing-Death on the Alder”. We have big plans for 2022 and would like you along for the ride. 


I have written before about change and generally, I accept what is happening around me as progress. But this year I believe we are all somewhat weary and now we have waves with this new variant. If we are to see the light at the end of the tunnel we have to accept and adapt. Some friends have been affected by Covid and I wish them a speedy recovery.


Ontario loosened up restrictions at the beginning of December, so I went to the theatre with my daughter-in-law to see “Come from Away” in downtown Toronto. Tickets were bought two years ago! Dinner at an Italian restaurant sitting miles from any other customers and then a dress circle seat to watch the show. Fantastic performance for the next two hours. Highly recommend it, but I gather it is now closed due to the new variant. 


I’ve always enjoyed Christmas. The shopping for gifts, the eating of course, and the family getting together. That was my biggest disappointment. I did see one son and his wife and her mother. No, I didn’t cook the usual turkey etc. I’m waiting on a new oven but supply chain woes mean late January. But we still had our turkey. My local supermarket did a fine job and delivered a turkey already cooked with all the veg, gravy and stuffing, (not as good as mine though) and they didn’t forget the cranberry sauce. 


Being at home so much during this time means getting a grip on eating. A cookie here, a cookie there. What's a girl to do? No, I don’t bake but it's all Liz’s fault as she delivered to me last month a huge tin of Belgium chocolate biscuits.

On Boxing Day, a friend from Kelowna, BC came to stay for a few days. We drove around but didn’t venture far and no crowded places. Oh yes, we managed the liquor store for replenishments. So, for three days we ate, drank and bored each other silly. But as the temperature is -31c (-22 F) in Kelowna, she liked our temperatures much better.


December the 31st where I come from (Scotland) is called Hogmanay. Many traditions surround this night. But that would be harking back to the old days, and we need to look forward. A lump of coal to heat your fire, some black bun for sustenance and of course whiskey. Oh, and the Scots make the best Shortbread.


I’m looking forward to 2022 and Liz and I will continue to give you more of our stories. We were planning and brainstorming this morning so look for more of Grant’s Crossing and number four in the Dorothy Dennehy Mystery series.


Health and Happiness and a Happy New Year to all.

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