Friday, December 30, 2016

No time for Goodbyes

It's been six months between blog posts. Not a good thing when those that follow Jamie Tremain wonder what happened. Is it time to give it up and move on to another form of communication? I don’t think so. Life, in all its forms, got in the way. Big time.

2016 started off well with the writing. Liz and I made some revisions to The Silk Shroud and sent the manuscript to the publisher after some blood, sweat and tears. We kept busy with editing another book and plotting of a sequel to Silk Shroud while we waited on the second edit. You need lots of patience in this business.

This was a milestone year for me. January, I had a HUGE birthday and looked forward to other celebrations. Our 50th wedding anniversary on June 4th with friends and family was special. June 16th was our 50th year as Canadians. July, we toasted my dear friend Bertha’s 100th birthday.

And then things started to unravel. My younger brother Alister, was diagnosed with lung cancer. I made plans to fly to Scotland. He died Aug 23. I was late by two days and did not get to say goodbye.
A week after a very emotional funeral, (he was loved by many) my husband Peter called to say Bertha had died very peacefully on September 5th, with her daughter Sandra by her side. This beautiful woman was my Canadian mother and once more I did not say goodbye.

Reeling with this news I decided to stay longer to assist where I could with the family. Nothing prepared me for the phone call the next day. I had called home to find out how Peter was coping on his own. He never did learn to cook. My grandson answered and said Grandad was in the hospital/intensive care after having a heart attack. I just went numb and with the help of Peter’s nephew I made it home to Canada in 24hours. I went from the airport to the hospital to visit Peter. The doctor had scheduled open heart surgery. Next day I visited the beautiful new hospital in Oakville and we sat for two hours chatting. Hooked up to monitors and tubes, the nurse said he could walk to the bathroom. He told me to go grab a coffee while he changed his gown and brushed his teeth. Those were his last words to me. I'll always remember September 9th. Once more there were no goodbyes.

Why am I harping on about saying goodbye? There must be a moral here somewhere. Say all you must say to your loved ones now. Don’t wait until they are gone. It has been three months since Peter died and it is still surreal.

My writing life will perhaps save me from moping and maudlin thoughts. I've lived long enough to have ammunition to write but never three deaths in three weeks of people I loved dearly.
The second edits are here and Liz and I, as Jamie Tremain, are looking forward to a publishing date very soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Many thanks to my family, friends, the writing community and many of Peter’s friends I had not met, who gave me love and support these last months.

Goodbye 2016, I will not miss you.
Hello, 2017. The best to all of you for a happy and prosperous New Year.


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