Monday, August 20, 2012

The other woman!

There are three of us in this marriage. Yes, another woman travelled with us all the way back from the Kawartha region of Ontario where my son’s family have a trailer. We had spent a lovely w/e with them. I don’t even know the woman’s name but she spoke in a plumy English accent and I was ready choke her if she didn’t shut up. No respect for me at all. Just as I was nodding off to sleep for the three hour journey home she would tell us where to go. I was ready to tell her where to go as well but I knew she wasn’t listening.

Of course I am talking about our TOM-TOM GPS system. I have had it for a few years as my sons were concerned with the fact that I tend to get lost quite a bit. As I am the navigator when we go on trips we usually end up not speaking and late as I can’t tell north from south etc.

Our eleven year old car with the 308,000 kms and no electrics, so rusty it was embarrassing to be seen in it; finally gave up the ghost last week. It was still running but even with my hearing loss  I could hear some suspicious noises.

We settled on a new to us Hyundai Santa Fe with lots of bells and whistles. Leather heated seats, no rust, sunroof and rack and only 75,000kms. It’s our first SUV and I feel like king of the castle driving it. Did I tell you it has a compass!! My husband was not happy when I installed the GPS for the trip home. Being of the male species he does not need any woman to tell him how to get from A to B.

After an hour of MS. Plumy voice telling us which hwy to take and when we would arrive at such and such and I was ready to commit hara-kiri, the Mr says.... “She really knows where she’s going doesn’t she!"

So while I plotted how to get rid of her by not boosting her battery next time or maybe getting confused by adding the wrong address, he sang her praises all the way home. I want a divorce before they put me away for murder!

I hope you're all having a good summer. Liz and I are having a short sabbatical and will get back to the writing after Labour Day. Feeling a tad burned out with demands at work and her commute, Liz needed a break. I wanted to soldier on by myself but find that working in tandem is what we do best. Come September we can get back to the final revision of Body Perfect with new eyes. The new book will get started in 2013.

I have ordered my fall reading from Chapters. One by Vicky Delaney called More than Sorrow. The other is Louise Penny's latest The Beautiful Mystery and if you like suspense you can't go wrong with Linwood Barclay. I believe it is out already  in Britain. It's called Trust your Eyes. I recommend all these authors and I'm sure they won't disappoint this time.

Enjoy the waning days of this hot dry summer and I’ll speak to you in September.
Talk soon,

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