Saturday, July 17, 2010

More of The Same!

Almost three weeks since Pam wrote, and it’s STILL hot, humid and uncomfortable.  So draining.  Intermittent thunderstorms have not really cleared the air as hoped for and so we continue to swelter.  There is no little envy on my part for those of you who have air conditioning.

But enough of the weather!    And I won't even mention problems that have been ongoing with the internet connection at this new address....

July has been a busy month at work and at home.  Here at home I continue to try and get organized after moving at the end of June.  The weather plays a big part in hampering efforts to get to those remaining boxes. Just thinking about unpacking is enough to start the sticky uncomfortableness the humidity brings. Pictures still need to be hung and bookshelves need organizing, but at least my library is unpacked.  I always think it feels like home once familiar authors and favourite tales have once again taken up residence around me.

Progress today though has come in the assembly of a much needed kitchen pantry unit.  Never believe those three little words on the exterior packaging….”Easy to assemble”.  Need I say more?  However after several hours of hard work, the unit now stands ready to be filled with the contents of some of those yet-to-be-unpacked boxes.

Pam has been literally run off her feet at work with one event (charity or social) after another. Hopefully she is enjoying a restful weekend as I write!  So many people at work have come to depend on her for everything from coffee runs to organizing day long company events.  And all with a smile – most of the time.

I am determined to take some time tomorrow to turn my creativity back to Body Perfect.  It has been too long away from this fun adventure and I am missing Paul and Dorothy!

This evening though I will be attending a gathering of family and friends as we celebrate my son and his wife’s 30th birthdays.  Hmmmm…the hall will be air conditioned, won’t it?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay cool.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Crazy,Lazy days of summer!

It's hot , humid and uncomfortable. This is not my kind of weather at all. I have moved from the comfort of my lounger in the shade all day as I can't find a nice breeze to keep me there. So I sit in the living room with airconditioning blasting and an overhead fan blowing. Talk about consumer consumption in overdrive! Then when I start to shiver I move back to my spot in the shade where I at least have some chipmunks to keep me company as I read my third book this week that was on my list.

Two Canadians and one South African. I enjoyed all of them. I read Giles Blunt's new book in two days and as it is not going to be published until next month I don't want to give anything away. It is called "Crime Machine" Look for it in August.John Cardinal is back and better than ever. If you are a fan you will love it.

Linwood Barclay can do no wrong in my book. The suspense builts until I have to say enough already, I really have to get to sleep and then I read another chapter.... His latest is called "Never look away". Super. Could not put it down.

I have not read any Deon Meyer and know nothing about South Africa. I met him at Bloody Words and we were all given one of his books. This one is called "Blood Safari" I was determined not to like it. I don't know why. One of those predudices coming to the fore. What can I say!!!
Superlatives seem meaningless as the writing was beautiful and insightful and the way he brought in the back-story was brilliant. It is surely a troubled country but I would still like to make a journey there some day.

Neeedless to say I did not do much else on my weeks vacation. I did manage to revise from chapter 14-21 of Body Perfect. I cut a few words or sentences and added a few others. Nothing drastic as we both feel the story line is as we want it to be but there is always room for improvement. Now that Liz has settled into her new home we should be able to get moving and say we are done-then try to get an agent to pick it up.

Lots going on in this part of the world with the G20 and G8 on our doorsteps. I don't want to get into the politics of it all in this blog but I was saddened by what happened downtown Toronto. No longer feels like Toronto the good. The World Cup Soccer & Wimbledon are very prominent in our house at the moment and I for one will be glad when it is all over. Have I mentioned I am not a sports fan?

Liz has been covering for me at work and I thank her for that. I don't have another break until the end of August and then I have 10 days leading up to Labour Day. Thank goodness the office is air-conditioned. And the car. I sound very spoiled but it's what I am used to and come unglued without it.

I will let you know how we fare finishing up the revisions.

Talk soon,


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