Friday, June 18, 2021

The Journey Continues

 June 18 2021

When we first started this blog (back in 2008!) its intent was to share with you our journey of writing. The steps Pam and I would take as we began to get serious about bringing Jamie Tremain to life.

We wrote together every chance we got, hatching plots, developing characters, and researching background information. Oh, how we loved to research! A rabbit hole most writers probably understand all too well.

We started out writing two stories, side by side. What - were we crazy? No, just didn't understand what we were getting into! Ah, the bliss of ignorance.

Madelaine - Shadows and Light sits on our shelf. Not forgotten, just on hold. We finished that story first, with Body Perfect close behind. Body Perfect became our focus of endless revisions, and tinkering. The biggest change came with the name. Body Perfect  evolved into The Silk Shroud. Then came the never ending round of query letters to potential publishers. While we waited, we built our brand and roughed out a sequel. If nothing else, Jamie Tremain knows how to multi-task.


                    Released in 2017
 Released in 2019

Our persistence paid off and The Silk Shroud was picked up by a traditional publisher and in 2017 we held an actual book in our hands! To see "Jamie Tremain" in print was such a reward after years of hard work.

Lightning Strike soon followed. A sequel, but also a very emotional tale, especially for Pam. We feel because some of the writing hit close to home, it added a layer of authenticity to our protagonist, Dorothy Dennehy. 

Then came Beholden to None, along with bumps in the road with our publisher. I'd been investigating the merits of indie publishing, but Pam was reluctant. Understandably so. Beholden to None is our brand new book in the series.

But, as life often does, circumstances pushed us into making a change. And after a steep learning curve, we are beyond pleased to say we've gone full indie. With new art work for the covers - huge thanks to Jennifer Gibson - and generous help and advice from our Genre5 Author group, we now have The Dorothy Dennehy Mystery Series available on Amazon, and other online retailers. (Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, etc)

Brand New Covers!

The e-books can be pre-ordered, in advance of the July 1 release, and paperback versions of each book are now available on Amazon.           

The Dorothy Dennehy Mystery Series (3 book series) Kindle Edition (

Jamie Tremain (

We posted a YouTube trailer, in which Dorothy Dennehy, and Rolin Montase, are 'interviewed' about The Silk Shroud, Lightning Strike, and Beholden to None.   

There may be future interviews with some of the other characters who are fan favourites. Max Dennehy and HB, to name just two. Or suggest a character you'd like to know more about!

But at the end of the day, none of this would matter without you - our readers. Over the years so many of you have been faithful supporters and encouragers. Without readers, why would we bother to write?

We're not finished with Dorothy - she has more cases to solve! For now, though, we are busy developing a second series, called Grant's Crossing. The first in the series, Grant's Crossing - Death on the Alder - is close to publication. Summer's end or early fall - stay tuned! A second in the series, Grant's Crossing - Resort to Murder is well underway.

Our sincere hope is that you will continue this journey with us. We love to write and feel we have so many stories waiting to be told.

We'd love to hear from you. If you buy a book, would you consider posting a review? Or give us feedback - Send us a photo of you with one of our books and we'll feature you in an upcoming post, or on social media.

Have a safe, healthy, and happy summer - what better time to read a book!



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