Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here Comes July

Oh my…see what happens to good intentions?   I can’t believe neither Pam nor I have posted in a month  L   Not that we don’t have anything to talk about –some of it might even be interesting – but the time has once again sped away from us.   Pam is now in the last few weeks of being gainfully employed and is busy with paperwork regarding her retirement and handing over her work duties to others, including myself.  I’ll be wishing her well on the next chapter of her life, but will miss my coffee break buddy very much after the end of July.  She will soon have the luxury of writing to her heart’s content and not having work get in the way!

So let’s see..what’s been happening.   June has been a mixed bag weather wise.    We’ve experienced some wicked storms – beautiful maple trees completely uprooted on the neighbouring street – with lots of rain.  Some very nice sunny summer like days have also been in the mix.   And everything in between.

This past month I’ve been concerned about terrible wildfires in the State of Arizona, where a very good online friend lives. Her daughter’s home was threatened, but has survived, and I have been following email updates and photos.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to live on the edge of being evacuated at a moment’s notice and face the real possibility of losing all that you own. 

Had a nice day yesterday with two of my grandchildren; hopefully all the fresh air and playing let them sleep as well as I did!

A short work week coming up, with Canada Day considerately falling on a Friday this year.   That might mean I’ll be able to take in a fireworks display because the next day won’t be a work one.  Normally I avoid them because they don’t start until almost 9 and then by the time you get home its about 10:30 and my work mornings start far too early for that time.

So an early Happy Birthday Canada!  No place I’d rather call home.



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