Friday, June 12, 2020

Phase 2 - COVID Updates and More

TWO months to the day since the last blog post, and we are only now starting to come out of self-isolation and restrictions here in Southwestern Ontario – otherwise known as Phase 2. Personally, I’m ecstatic because it means I can have a haircut on Monday!

Suitable precautions will be in place, both client and stylist will be masked – not quite sure how the hair washing and cutting will work – and the salon’s waiting room will now be a client’s car. Call when you arrive and they will call you back to let you know when you can enter the premises.

As well, restrictions on gatherings have now been extended to 10 persons, but still maintaining social distancing. How surreal that these descriptions and guidelines have become commonplace in such a short span of time.

I never leave the house without at least two face masks and bottle of hand sanitizer.

But virus aside, what’s new with Jamie Tremain?

We have Beholden To None all ready to be sent to the publisher. Just awaiting their confirmation to submit. Our publisher, as with so many other businesses, have felt the effects of this pandemic. So processes are moving a little slower.

In the meantime, Pam and I have dusted off a book we completed about 6 years ago. Tentatively called “Grant’s Crossing – Death on the Alder”, it is a story in a different setting than Dorothy Dennehy and her team in Portland, Oregon. We had such enjoyment creating the story and characters and found we fell in love with it all over again when we opened it back up to edit, revise, and  polish. So that’s our next assignment. Tidy up, and prepare for publication.

Pam and I still have not been able to meet face to face, but joy oh joy, our Genre5 group is planning a socially distanced gathering next week. Outside, on a spacious deck, we can’t wait to get caught up.

As mentioned in my previous blog, we started a  group project during COVID.  A writing exercise that continues to grow!  I’ve just received the most up to date version of our story and will be adding my contribution over the next day or two. I can’t believe how much fun this has been, and for 5 writers to be collaborating on one story has been an adventure.

My journaling continues and I find it’s been helpful to record my thoughts and document only a tiny fraction of what the world has been coping with this year.

My granddaughter, Makenna, turned 15 this week. Another family birthday we’ve been unable to gather for, but a “birthday drive-by” was arranged by her mother, so a celebration of sorts.  The collection of family cards and gifts are accumulating. We may need more than one day to finally sort through them all – the question remains though of when?

I will continue my daily tracking of virus stats – creating and maintaining spreadsheets is a quirky hobby of mine – as well as journaling.

Stay safe, stay healthy.


ps - Accessing the blog today, I learned new formatting was being introduced, so excuse anything that looks out of place. I will be "tinkering" over the next few days!

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