Saturday, May 15, 2021

Now Hear This

May 15 2021

Busy, busy, busy!

Lately it's been non-stop activity for Jamie Tremain. Despite the ongoing lockdown here in Ontario (now till June 2!) Pam and I have not allowed that to get in the way of moving Jamie Tremain forward. 

Many will know of our challenges with the publisher who launched The Silk Shroud and Lightning Strike. We are in the final steps of having all book rights revert back to us, and are this close to self-publishing both of them, plus Beholden to None. This will complete, for now,  our Dorothy Dennehy Mystery series.

Also on board to join those three titles will be Grant's Crossing-Death on the Alder. New series, new characters, new setting. Grant's Crossing-Grave Mistake is also about one quarter written, and words are flying off the page as we create, plot and see what our characters are involved with.

Along with writing, we've also been involved with new book cover creations. Maybe a logo as well. Oh, and a newsletter, too! Not to mention the possibility of assembling a collection of short stories and memoir pieces.

The Author Survival Network enjoyed it's first Zoom meeting today as well. We are glad to welcome any published author, who would like to be part of an enthusiastic and supportive group of authors, and can be found on Facebook as a private, member only, group.   

And if all this wasn't enough, our Genre5 Authors Group continues to flex its collaborative writing muscle with our five-author work of fiction. Tentatively titled, Crime is Relative, we've created a colourful cast of characters, and maybe even a ghost.

Pam and I strive to video chat each morning for at least an hour. But really, brainstorming works so much better in person. We can't wait until we get the all-clear to visit again!

We've both had our first vaccination dose, and the sooner we receive the second one, the better! This has gone on long enough. No book clubs, no signings--will we even remember how to conduct ourselves at those in person?

But now, a warm afternoon on my balcony beckons. Trees are almost fully in leaf, robins cheerfully sing each morning, and at the moment, all is right with the world.



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