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A Trilogy to Die For

                           Dorothy McIntosh with her dog Bruin.

D.J.McIntosh is the National best- selling author of The Witch of Babylon, The Book of Stolen Tales.and now the final book in this thrilling trilogy.

The third book in this Mesopotamian Trilogy, Angel of Eden,  brings an end to the adventures of protagonist John Madison. Or does it? Have we seen the last of John?

Welcome back Dorothy to Jamie Tremain’s blog.


In 2011, The Witch of Babylon was released to much acclaim.

When The Book of Stolen Tales was released in 2013 they asked, "Is D.J. McIntosh the new Dan Brown?- The Globe and Mail

I've been lucky enough to read The Angel of Eden before its release on June 23rd/2015 and I'm not disappointed. John Madison takes you on a mystical, and at times harrowing and tortuous adventure.


You have lived with this man,(in your head) for the last six years. How can you let such a great character go? Or is it time for you to move on to something else?

John Madison and I are B.F.F.’s (when he isn’t making me clench my teeth). I could never let him go. Next up might be a prequel – we’ll have to wait and see!


Do you enjoy writing from the male point of view? Many writers have a preference. Do you?


It’s trickier to write from a guy p.o.v. but, fortunately, my male friends set me straight if I veer off course. Feeling comfortable about writing a character has, i.m.o., more to do with their emotional core, beliefs and motivations than with their gender. 


So, trilogy, series or stand alone. You also write short stories. Can you give us a peek into what you will be writing next. Would you write another trilogy?


The jury is still out on that. I’m tossing around a few ideas that include continuing with the John Madison series. I’m taking a much-needed break over the summer and will decide in the fall.


The publishing world is changing like everything else. Pam personally goes with the flow. But others fight it. Are all the changes inevitable? What is your take on this? 


I don’t think we have any choice but to adapt – the publishing world is a good deal bigger than any individual writer. Rather than lamenting the changes, it makes the most sense to see where the new opportunities are and hop on for the ride.


John Madison's adventures would translate well to the big screen - any thoughts on who you'd like to portray him?


A kinder, gentler, Christian Bale.


That you've done your research on the background of these books is very evident. Did you ever find yourself getting lost in the research at the expense of time spent creating the story? 


At times, I did get lost in the research and it was such a pleasure! I like to say that readers enjoy historical novels because they want to learn something as well as being entertained by a great story. The same could be said about research – it’s so fascinating for me to learn about the ancient world and to weave my discoveries into a narrative. Research has also given me a lot: character’s names, plot points, descriptions.


During your research did you unearth any interesting facts that didn't make it into the pages of the tale?

You’ve pinpointed the downside to gathering a large volume of research – you can’t fit all of it in, and so you worry about whether you’re being respectful of your subject matter, giving a clear enough picture, skimming over important details. This is especially the case with an art work that entertains, like a novel, where any sense of ‘lecturing’ must be avoided. 


Mark your calendar folks for this evening panel discussion at Indigo, Bay and Bloor, Toronto. It's sure to be an interesting evening. The Angel of Eden will be the star.


Thanks Dorothy for sharing your thoughts and explaining your take on the publishing world today. We wish you much success with Angel of Eden and your future writing projects.

D.J. (Dorothy) McIntosh is a Toronto-based writer of novels and  short mystery fiction. A member of the Canadian Society for Mesopotamian  Studies, she's a strong advocate for press freedom. She supports the Committee To Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders.

To Contact Dorothy:
@d mcintosh1

Check back on July 13th to be entertained by our friend and  author, Gloria Ferris. She will be talking about her new book, Shroud of Roses, the latest in the Cornwall and Redfern mystery series and much more.

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Rainy Days and Writing Thoughts

I’ve said it before, for me, a rainy overcast day is my kind of day to write.  Whether its on our latest book, a blog post, or just random thoughts, the dehydrated creative juices drink in the atmosphere and become refreshed.  Outside my window there is a gentle rain falling, very soothing – although one of my neighbours who has left their car windows open might not feel the same way.

Jamie Tremain was contacted a few days ago by the head of marketing for  They are comprised of small team helping the next generation of mystery/thriller authors. Currently they have launched a free mystery/thriller writing contest called Fated Paradox to help authors gain more exposure. The contest runs until July 4 2015. Jamie Tremain is pleased to help spread the word about them and their contest.  This contest might be just for you!

I love to read a few pages of fiction before turning in for the night and a friend of mine recently passed on this nugget - If reading is part of your nightly routine, consider sticking to paper books rather than digital.  In a study, people produced 55% more melatonin, spent 11% more time in deep sleep, and felt more energized the day after reading a printed book before bed, compared with when they read on a tablet.  Study author Anne-Marie Chang, Ph.D., says exposure to blue light emitted by e-readers within an hour of bedtime can disrupt circadian rhythms that govern sleep

Just another reason that I prefer to read the “old fashioned” way, although I do appreciate the convenience of an e-reader, but I believe there is room for both in a dedicated reader’s world.

We're still waiting to receive the first edit of “The Silk Shroud” from our editors and are anxious to begin this next step.  We were advised it might be 12 – 14 weeks before we heard back, so as that time frame is nearly spent we are hoping to hear very soon!  In the meantime, both Pam and I are finding it difficult to focus on other aspects of writing.

So one way to pass the time is to be more social. To that end Pam and I recently enjoyed a visit with my sister at her home in London, Ontario. Although I was fighting the worst cold ever I did appreciate the lovely meal and great company.  You can read more about it on my sister's blog - Cooking with Dartha - especially if you enjoy new recipes and a good narrative to accompany them.
Jamie Tremain now has a web site to call their own – check it out

A few weeks ago, I finally had an excuse to visit the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada – having two grandsons for the weekend was just the ticket. What a great experience and the boys seemed to have enjoyed it as well. A hands-on experience let them do some grooming and get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures. I see them in a much different light now – the donkeys that is.

So if you happen to be in the area don’t wait for an excuse like I did, but spend an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon and do something a little different.

Pam is gearing up for a trip home to Scotland later this summer and I’m anticipating a family get together in Virginia Beach in September. My twisted logic says that if I have something to look forward to it might slow down summer’s passing!  I can’t believe how fast time flies anymore and past experience says that when you are anxious for something pleasant and enjoyable to happen time does slow down. So I’ll have to see how that works out for me.

Next up on Jamie Tremain’s interview list will be D.J. McIntosh, to coincide with the release of her latest book The Angel of Eden.  Be sure to read more about it right here!

And that's all she wrote - for now.  Cheers!

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