Monday, October 16, 2017

BOUCHERCON 2017 - Passport to Murder

Two years of anticipation and it’s over in a flash!

Pam and I registered back in 2015 and were confident we’d be published authors by the time the conference rolled around. We were excited to be attending a book conference of this calibre and weren’t disappointed. We also determined that we'd have the first draft of the sequel to "The Silk Shroud" done before Bouchercon and that's also been accomplished.

About 700 authors and nearly twice as many readers, aspiring, and nearly-published writers were in attendance. The Sheraton Hotel on Queen St in Toronto provided comfortable accommodations and all the space required to showcase so many participants. We won’t mention the day we had two fire alarms, shhhh! 

The view from our 34th floor room provided a vista of downtown Toronto, and beyond, that I haven’t seen in a while.

Authors and books and panels, oh my! 
The bookseller’s room held thousands of books for sale. What a great opportunity to pick up books and then have them signed by the author!

As debut authors Pam and I were invited to participate in the Debut Author’s Breakfast held Friday morning, along with about three dozen new authors. It was a fun event as we each had a turn to sell our work within just a minute or two. This is when having a writing partner is invaluable for moral support!
Pam, Liz, Lynn McPherson, Jennifer Soosar

We connected with two other Black Opal Books authors – Lynn McPherson and Jennifer Soosar – who have their debut works published this year as well.

We also took turns promoting Crime Writers of Canada on Saturday, when CWC hosted the hospitality suite. A terrific opportunity to meet fans and other writers.
As well the conference provided the opportunity to reconnect with friends we haven’t seen for a while.

Panels were interesting, informative and fun, but my favourite was the intimate chat between Louise Penny, Rhys Bowen and Deborah Crombie. The ballroom may have been standing room only, but yet the three authors obviously share a friendship and ease with each other which made the attendees feel as if we had joined them for a personal visit.

Rhys Bowen, Louise Penny, Deborah Crombie

Standing room only to listen to the three ladies, but Gloria Ferris and Kay Kendall managed to find two of the best seats in the house!

I was so pleased to be able to hear from the likes of Peter Robinson, Ann Cleeves, and Kathy Reichs to name a few. And so many wonderful, and successful, Canadian authors. If I start naming, I’m afraid I will leave some out! Among them Linwood Barclay, Vicki Delaney, Melodie Campbell and so many more!

Pam with Linwood Barclay

Our Genre5 group have come away with memories, tips and advice. For a while, Genre5 turned into the Magnificent7, when we hooked up with good friends Kay Kendall and Lorie Lee Steiner. I never managed to get a photo with all of us. Lorie is missing from this one.
Donna Houghton, Gloria Ferris, Kay Kendall, Pam, Liz, Donna Warner

I came home tired, but energized, with a new focus on writing. But my writing partner, Pam, left the conference and then headed to Edinburgh, Scotland! I hope she was able to catch some sleep on the flight. She’ll be out of the country until early November, and I have to return to the corporate work world tomorrow.

But on Thursday Oct 19, I’ll be joining  Donna Warner, Gloria Ferris, Alison Bruce and Cheryl Cowtan for our workshop “Conjuring Up a Work of Fiction” at the Elora Public Library. Sure to be another good time!

Kudos and much appreciation to Bouchercon Co-Chairs Helen Nelson and Janet Costello. You and your team provided a memorable event.

And now I think I have a book or two to read.



Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Launch Plus One Month

The official launch for The Silk Shroud on April 23 was a huge success. Held on a beautiful sunny spring day in Oakville, we had standing room only at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Center. 

All books on hand were sold and due to popular demand, Pam and I are hard at work on a sequel. We’d already had the beginnings of a follow-up book in the works thank goodness!

To see a little of our long anticipated launch check us out on YouTube

Didn't matter how cold the day, Jamie Tremain couldn't wait to show off "The Silk Shroud" in February. We'd had a great day with our Genre5 Authors Group just north of Guelph.

We’ve been receiving lots of photos where The Silk Shroud has been travelling. I should be so lucky to reach some of these destinations! From Texas in the United States to Sorrento, Italy, our book is getting around!

Award Winning  Author Kay Kendall in Texas

Long time Jamie Tremain fan, Jane P, took The Silk Shroud along on her trip to Cuba

Pam's brother Raymond 

Raymond's wife Lynda - beautiful gardens at their home in Edinburgh, Scotland

Liz's cousin Mary G, relaxing with a good book in Felixstowe in Suffolk, U.K.

Good friend Linda H has her copy at home in Easly, SC, United States

Fantastico! Shirley J brought The Silk Shroud along to Sorrento, Italy

Liz's sister Michele, enjoys reading during an  R & R break at  the Idlewyld Inn, London, Ontario, Canada 

Terry M shows off a good read in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada

While Pam's sister Caroline has made The Silk Shroud feel at home in the Netherlands!

Daughters are the best - both have shown such great support to their mothers.

Liz's Daughter Christine in Kitchener               and                       Pam's Daughter
                                                                                               Courtney in Barrie, Ontario

One of Jamie Tremain's first confirmed Kindle purchase was
from Pam's sister Rosemary, in Peterborough, England

On vacation with Pauline G in Mexico


And all the way to Victoria, Australia with Pam's cousin, Jan S.

Jamie Tremain is truly grateful and appreciative of the support so many have shown us over the years as we worked towards this goal of being published. We love to see where our book has traveled and would welcome your photo as well for a future post.

Next up for Pam and me, as Jamie Tremain, is to attend the upcoming Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston, Ontario the weekend of June 3-4. If you're in the area come by and see us!

And then it will be Bouchercon 2017 in October. We are really excited to be able to attend!

And remember as you plan your summer get aways and cottage retreats, take along a good book!


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

APRIL 23 2017

A date Jamie Tremain has been working toward for quite some time. Yes, it’s the official launch and book signing for “The Silk Shroud”.

We’ve garnered some fantastic reviews on Amazon and are now gearing up to make the debut of our first novel official. A great opportunity to personally thank so many of our faithful supporters as well.

The event promises to be a little different from other launches and this will be all due to Pam’s proven talent for event planning. A great venue located in Oakville will be the setting and already we’ve received a steady response from those wishing to attend and almost reached capacity seating. WOW!

We’re pretty excited and anticipate a day to remember for our first novel.

“The Silk Shroud” is available through and, as well as Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo. The book can also be ordered directly from our publisher, Black Opal Books. We also have available signed bookplates for those who live farther away and wish to have their copy of the book signed.  An email to will ensure we send you a bookplate right away.

Jamie Tremain will also be attending the Limestone GenreExpo in Kingston in June – details to follow. And Bouchercon 2017 (in Toronto this year) is fast approaching. Some book clubs and other events are being lined up – it promises to be a busy year for Jamie Tremain.

Best Wishes and Blessings for a Happy Easter and Passover!


Saturday, February 11, 2017


If patience is a virtue, then Pam and I should be the monarchs of long suffering.

After a very, very long journey our book, "The Silk Shroud" is set to be released February 18 2017!

I've gone through at least two computers since starting this foray into the writing world. Countless re-writes and discussions with Pam over our characters and the direction of the story have made weeks fly into months, turning into years.

Well it's all finally coming to fruition and we are beyond excited.

Over the years so many of our family and friends have been faithful encouragers and supporters, never giving up on us - a HUGE Thank You to each and every one of you. To our steadfast and devoted followers of the blog and on Facebook - we truly could not have done it without your reassurances that we would see our book in print.

More details will follow in the coming days regarding an official launch, where Jamie Tremain hopes to share in our success with you in person.

Until then - Cheers!


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