Monday, September 13, 2021


 September 13 2021

And another summer has blitzed by! We're well into September now. The leaves are turning faster, and the nights are generally cooler, which suits me quite fine!  I think Autumn is my favourite season of the year and wish it could last until Spring!

Jamie Tremain’s newest series – Grant’s Crossing – d├ębuts October 1 with the first book in the series -  Death on the Alder. Once again, we applaud our cover designer, Jennifer Gibson, for beautiful cover artwork.

Imagine you’re 28 years old - carefree, career undecided, and your last surviving family member has bequeathed you a renovated farmhouse, which is now home to 8 senior citizens.  You no sooner arrive, when a suspicious death throws a heavy shadow over two of the residents. It’s your decision – turn down the inheritance or stay. What would you do?

This is what faces our newest protagonist - Alysha Grant - as she returns to her hometown of Grant’s Crossing, located in a small, rural, Ontario town.

We have some quirky characters, and of course a body or two. As far as genre? Well, it’s a mystery with cozy overtones. We do hope you will come for a visit, stay awhile, and get to know these characters. Pam and I had a lot of fun creating this series, and we’re about halfway through the second – Resort to Murder.

But what else has been happening, you ask?

I had to buy a new laptop when my faithful Acer decided to retire unannounced. Its successor is another Acer and I’m loving it. Gearing up for Windows 11 as well. Progress all around.

And here in Canada we’re facing a federal election on September 20. And that’s my only comment on that particular subject.

COVID’s tentacles reached out to my family this week, with two family members testing positive. My husband and I had our swab tests and fortunately have negative results. Please, can this thing be over, SOON!!

Zoom meetings and marketing forays seem to round out my days. Another one scheduled tomorrow afternoon with our Author Survival Network group. If you’re a published author and would be interested in joining our group, send me an email and I’ll provide more details.

Earlier this month, my sister and I, along with a good friend, went trekking through the tombstones in search of our earliest ancestors in Southern Ontario. Two cemeteries in the Listowel area were on our list. Our mother was born in England and married our Canadian-born father after WW II. But my sister, the genealogy wizard in this family, has discovered ancestry hailing from Cornwall, England on my father’s side. The name? Tremain(e) of course. Sometimes with an ‘e’ and often without.


Bonus discovery. A very helpful groundskeeper also pointed us in the direction of this grave - John Livingstone, Sr - brother to Dr. David Livingstone (I presume?).  All in all, it was a lovely way to spend a day and feel a connection with those gone before.

Now, it’s time for coffee and flexing the keyboard to see what Alysha Grant and friends are up to in Grant’s Crossing – Resort to Murder.



Grant's Crossing - Death on the Alder 

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