Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Three of this year's best...

I feel privileged when asked to review an author’s book and state my opinion on a body of work they may have slaved over for a long time. It’s their baby. I admit I do have a hard time. Mainly because I usually know the author personally or we chat through social media.

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and hate to upset anyone by giving a negative review. I know how much time and effort has gone into writing and revising, and revising again until they have the finished product. Good reviews are the life blood of a writer. She/he depends on this vehicle to spread the word that this is a book worth reading…or not. Whether I read for information, a history lesson, solving a mystery, to be transported somewhere, or scared out of my wits with loads of suspense, I still need to be entertained. If a book doesn’t have some of these elements to hold my attention, I won’t finish the book.
In the case of these three books, I read through until the end. Each book had something different to offer. They are all highly recommended.

Shroud of Roses ………. Gloria Ferris

The second Cornwall and Redfern Mystery take us on a humorous journey with Police Chief Neil Redfern and his girlfriend Bliss Moonbeam Cornwall. When a skeleton is found in an old abandoned high school in a student locker Bliss and Chief Neil are on the case. Who is this person and how long has the body been there? Prepare yourself for an enjoyable read and hearty chuckles.

 Rainy Day Women……Kay Kendall

Sex, drugs and rock and roll. It’s the sixties and Kay Kendall has nailed this era in history with her protagonist Austin Starr. As the song goes, Times, they are a changin’. The second book in this series delves into the women’s liberation movement and Austin Starr personifies feminism. Leaving her husband at home, she travels with her baby to help a friend in need. Suspenseful and fast paced. A well-written mystery.

The Corpse with the Diamond Hand 
Cathy Ace 

The sixth book in the Cait Morgan mysteries is set in Hawaii and aboard a cruise ship. Professor Morgan has finally married her long time retired police detective Bud and they are on their honeymoon. In traditional mysteries, there are loads of interesting characters aka suspects to a murder. This will not disappoint. Great plot and clues along the way but it takes Cait with the help of her new husband to solve the crime.
Another winner in the series.

Three great books by two Canadian crime writers and one who hails from Houston (Kay Kendall) who sets her mysteries in Canada. Perfect for a lovely fall day and the winter we know is coming.

Liz and I are busy with the first edits of The Silk Shroud. We'll keep you posted.

Talk soon,


Gloria Ferris Mystery Writer said...

This was such a surprise! Thanks, Pam and Liz, and good luck with your first round edit of The Silk Shroud.

kk said...

Thanks, dear Jamie Tremaine (aka Pam and Liz)! I am delighted to be in such fine company--Gloria Ferris & Cathy Ace. I have devoured and enjoyed each of their latest releases. To be in the company of Pam, Liz, Gloria, & Cathy--fellow members of Crime Writers of Canada--I am so pleased. (NOTE: I have dual US-Canadian citizenship so that makes me eligible.) Pretty cool, eh?
Can't wait until I get to read the first Jamie Tremain mystery--THE SILK SHROUD!
Hugs all around, Kay

Cathy Ace said...

Thanks for this wonderful shout out! I'm honoured to be in such super company :-)

Unknown said...

Congrats Gloria on being on this list. You deserve it!

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