Sunday, November 4, 2018

While We Wait...

…for the edits to come back from the publisher for “Lightning Strike”, I thought this would be a good chance to catch up on what’s been happening with this side of Jamie Tremain.

Summer came and went and now Christmas isn’t far away. Time seems to move at breakneck speed and is gaining momentum the older I become. I keep searching for the handbrake, but can’t find it!

Pam and I have been working through a third book involving Dorothy Dennehy and crew, the plan is to have it as close to ready as possible so that when the edits arrive, we’ll be able to provide the third, and perhaps final, installment in the series, back to the publisher. 

Eyeing retirement from the business world in about eighteen months has me chomping at the bit to have more time for this craft of writing. So many ideas and thoughts swirling around, but free time is precious and many demands take their portion.

I enjoyed a wonderful week at my favourite spot, beautiful Sandbridge Beach,Virginia, in early October. We spent a day in nearby Jamestown, site of the earliest English settlement in North America. I found it fascinating and sobering. Jeff Probst’s Survivor contestants would pale at what these early immigrants endured. Even my 11 year old grandson, who first chafed at the idea of the trip, admitted he had been really interested in what he learned and couldn’t wait to share with his teacher.

Pam and I are always interested in where others like to vacation – what’s been your most memorable vacation, or do you have a place that is your number one go to?

Not all the family could be there this time, and they were missed. To compensate, we are planning an all-in family trip to Cuba next year. Waiting on some family members to determine if the week we’ve chosen will work for their vacation choices. Fingers crossed!

Four of us from our Genre5 writing group had a fun evening last month. We enjoyed a dinner out and then attended an “Elvis” concert with Elvis impersonator Steve Michaels. Performed in a lovely church, the music centered on Elvis gospel favourites. I’d definitely make the effort to watch him again.  It would have been a perfect evening if our other G5 member, Donna Houghton, could have been with us. But for some reason she felt it was more important to continue with her trip to Sicily – imagine!

A week ago I had to bite the bullet and go car shopping – ugh. I’d been trying to baby my aging Caliber to make it through to retirement from work and the commute, but it was not to be. However, I’m pleased to say I’m now the owner of a pre-owned late model Nissan Sentra, with only 8,000 km and so many bells and whistles I’ll never figure them all out! And the car has been carpool approved, especially once the back seat passenger discovered the fold down cup holder.

Last night I had a dinner date with my oldest son grandson, Michael. He’ll be sixteen soon (there’s that time thing again) and it gave me a chance to see what’s happening in his world. How proud I am of that young man, he has a maturity and insight one doesn’t often see in one that young. He’s had some, ahem – learning experiences, shall I say – and I’m sure there’ll be more, but I’m confident he’s making a positive difference in many around him.

And now it’s nearly Remembrance Day and this year will be especially poignant being the 100th Anniversary. The world is in such  turmoil these days and so much as the result of human behaviour. Makes me wonder if all those who sacrificed so much would think what they done had been worth it.

I still say yes. We have an abundance of blessings to be thankful for, despite the negativity and horror around us. I wish my father were still alive so I could once again listen to his war stories. As a kid, I didn’t pay nearly enough attention, to my everlasting regret.

Do you mark Remembrance Day and if so how?

I’m sure I’ve missed other events of the past months, but these are the highlights which come to mind readily.

We would love to hear from you!


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