Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Musings

A  brilliantly sunny, but cold, Sunday here in southern Ontario…icicles are dripping, but once the sun disappears they’ll soon be solid once more.

As Pam mentioned, we had a productive day of revising yesterday.  Amazing how when you read something out loud, you catch errors missed previously.  But I also find that’s when I can really get into our characters and make them more real.  For me that’s especially true of Dorothy and her alter ego(s).  We’ve nearly made it to the end of this first revision and I have to get cracking on typing up what has been reviewed.

We’ve discussed putting more of a focus on Dorothy in this (first?) story; highlighting her strengths to have her as the central protagonist more so than what we have done to date.  Polish, revise, review and then start over again!   Writing truly is a craft and I can envy those who have made the jump from writing to being successfully published.  But for now patience and perseverance are called for. Oh, did I mention perfection also?   Or is that the unattainable?

Almost the end of March – unbelievable!  Having the daylight hours stretch ever longer is so welcome after winter’s darker days, but I don’t want to rush into the sweltering humidity that all too often seems to arrive just as spring is getting started.  The weather will never be perfect for all will it?

And with spring of course comes Income Tax Time….ugh!    Well I have just finished the dreaded task and can put it aside for another year thank goodness.  Numbers are not my strong point so I’m really grateful for electronic tax filing programs that I can breeze through and with the push of a button send off to the government’s tax reviewers.  Not that’s a job I know I would not want!   I much prefer words over numbers, although working in a financial institution has made me appreciate what numbers can do.

Monday is just a few hours away and the work week begins anew, but at least no snow is in the forecast and the driving should be “normal”.

Here’s to having a week with no disasters – big or small, across the globe or in your own home – and may we all appreciate the wonderful things we can enjoy from this life.


Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was wishing I had the GPS system I received for Christmas as I headed out to Liz’s place in Guelph this morning. I had general directions and was sure I would recognize the cut off but after a few attempts and making a couple of u-turns I phoned for help and arrived a few minutes later. It does not help when you don’t carry a phone as I had to find a call box and they are in short supply these days.

After a surprise snow storm on Wednesday that crippled traffic and covered up my tulip bulbs, today was brilliant sunshine but still very cold. Roads were dry though so it made it easier to travel around the different campuses at Guelph University when I was lost this morning. There are seven colleges in all; the main ones are agriculture and veterinary medicine. So all was not lost except for me!!! I did get to see some really diverse architectural buildings and residences. There was also the Arboretum that is frequented by horticulturists and botanists from around the province. This is all within 10 minutes of Liz’s place.

After I was introduced to the four cats again we settled down for some revising. With lots of coffee, chocolate covered almonds , yummy biscotti and a break for lunch we managed to read and revise six chapters before calling it a day at 4pm. We were very happy with what we had accomplished. I made the trip home by 5pm. No detours this time.

An election was called today for May 2nd. That’s all I will say on the subject today. Let’s see what they all have to say first before I make any comments. The back stabbing has started already.

I have mentioned Louise Penny many times before as one of my favourite authors. She has a new nomination today to add to her many accolades. This evening is the judging of the Dilys Award given out by the Independent Mystery Booksellers for the book they most enjoyed selling last year. Lots of great nominees but of course I am rooting for Louise. Good luck Louise.

I try and learn a new lesson every day. So what did I learn today.......
1. Do not go out of the house without a GPS system when you get lost at every turn. That is why my sons bought it for me!!!
2. This is not a new lesson but needs to be repeated often. If one continues to eat chocolate covered almonds as if your life depends on them one will most certainly always look like the Goodyear blimp!

Talk soon,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vernal Equinox

It is the first day of spring or as it is known, the Vernal Equinox. The view from my window gives all indication that it is true. No snow in sight and green emerging everywhere. The creek is flowing quite fast as the snow has now melted. I really should take a walk around the ravine but it is still very muddy and the temperature hovers at 6 degrees. I will wait until it warms up some more.

I love Sunday’s. Hopefully I have finished the housework stuff and can have some peace and quiet in my office. Andre Bocelli is blaring from the stereo and I am settled at the computer ready to finish my short story. Just because it is short does not mean it takes a short while to write!!. I have been blocked for a few weeks and then my computer crashed last Thursday. Woe is me; I thought I had lost what I was working on. Liz will be proud of me as I had started to back up my work on those travel drives. For some reason the computer has recovered but it is stuck at July 2010. It is all a mystery to me. @#$%^

My problems are so very trivial compared to the people in Japan and Libya. As I watch the horror and listen to the news reports on TV I am continually astonished at the resiliency and courage they are all showing at their darkest moments.

It is my turn to go to Guelph next Saturday to do some revisions on Body Perfect. No, this is not the perfect way to write a book but it is the best we can do. I had to have Liz remind me where we left off as it has been ages since we had a session. This is a stage of the collaboration we have to do together. We have finished Chapter nine so on to ten and beyond. The one good thing about having a break between sessions is that you see the story with fresh eyes and notice either glaring holes or mistakes.

On a personal note I want to say Happy Birthday to Liz. Hope you had a good w/e JT.
The other congratulations due is my sister Caroline and husband James will be grandparents for the first time this year. Welcome to the club.

No more procrastinating. I am off to try and finish my story.

Talk soon,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's in a Weekend?

How the world can change so quickly.  The devastation that has rocked Japan is mind boggling and will no doubt have world wide consequences.  Once again we are humbly reminded of our fragile existence and that life shouldn’t be wasted. 

Closer to home this has been a very busy weekend.  Came home from work Friday, had a very light supper and then went straight to bed. No, not sick, but trying to get some sleep in anticipation of heading to the airport, with a friend,  for a 2:00 a.m. pick up of friends returning from a mission trip.  Managed to sleep a couple of hours and then got up to get ready to leave at midnight.  Thankfully the flight wasn’t delayed and after dropping off our friends, I was back home in bed by 4:30.  They had an amazing time with countless stories to tell of their time spent with a medical team in the Dominican, and I look forward to seeing some photos soon.

Well, that’s not so bad, you’re thinking.  After all, a good party might not end until the wee hours and then one heads to bed to sleep in.  Except in my case, the party comes AFTER the sleeping.  Yesterday was a birthday party for two of my grandsons, Michael and Noah, whose birthdays are nine days apart.  No self respecting grandmother could NOT attend.   So after a few hours sleep (less than 5) it was time to shake off the cobwebs and get ready.   

I did receive a nice surprise once I was up – a floral delivery for my upcoming birthday from a special friend in Florida – thanks again Karen!  The flowers are so pretty to look at during these dreary last days of winter.

Poor Noah…his birthday celebration and not only has he been sick to his stomach most of the day, but he woke to find his much loved guinea pig “Hulkfish” (yes that was the name as could only be chosen by a not-quite three year old) had passed away.  He was quite the trooper for the party and would perk up for some gift opening but then have to go and lie down again or head off to the bathroom.

Left the party to come home to grab an hour’s rest, because my other two grandchildren, Makenna and Max were going to be coming for a sleepover.  So that’s been fun, but needless to say we didn’t make it a late night!  Both were sound asleep by 9 and half an hour later I joined them!

So now here it is 8:30 (daylight savings time – it had to be this weekend of course!) and they are still sound asleep.  Which brings me here, literally, to get caught up what’s been happening.

And now Makenna has just stumbled upon me at the computer, so its time to wrap up and see about breakfast and wonder what this week will bring.


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