Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Blog-Letter February

 Feb 1 2022

Issue #2

And we're back.

The first month of 2022 is a wrap.

Thoughts from Pam:

My garden Buddha was looking kinda chilly, so I gave him a tartan neckpiece to wear and suggested he wear it as a mask. Do you think he was listening to me? Keeps letting it slip down and his nose is exposed. That's not the way to wear it. So folks - pay attention. Wear your mask correctly and we can all be safe again.

January was a busy month for JT. Writing most days and listening to podcasts or zoom meetings take quite a chunk of time. Thank goodness for modern technology and captions. Dealing with a profound hearing loss means if a TV show or an online meeting does not have captions I'm out of luck. I lip-read more than I thought, but now that folks are wearing masks it's a bit of a nightmare. But please don't stop wearing your mask. Enough about Covid-19.

The exciting part of January was the launch of our second book in the Grant's Crossing series. "Resort to Murder". If you know me at all, you'll have gathered that Liz is instrumental in getting our latest baby out into the world. Computers are not my thing. Ideas and marketing are my contributions. To kill people off I have loads of ideas but marketing in this climate is a hard one. But I'll persevere.

I had another birthday in January. Funny how they seem to come faster as the years go in. But as the quote below says... I'll keep on dreaming and setting goals.

And from Liz:

I’ve been retired for almost two years now. Within a short span of time, despite COVID, I came to understand what my already-retired friends complained about. Too busy, not enough time in the day to get things done, how did I ever manage all this when I was working. As with other neophytes, I failed to believe them!

But it’s true! I may not be employed, but I am busy. Jamie Tremain occupies the bulk of my day, of course, but there are family, seminars, appointments, and occasionally some housework competing for my time. This brings me to the crux of my retirement. I’ve always loved to read and anticipated daily binges of reading. A mountainous pile of “To Be Read” books testifies to my naivete.

Reduced income means reduced purchase options, so I’m finally utilizing and enjoying, the Kobo reader I’d received as a work anniversary gift a few years ago. I watch for bargains from favourite readers or am easily enticed by intriguing book descriptions.  And yes, there is a growing pile of books in digital form there as well.

I have favourite authors, and one I’ve returned to this week is Kathy Reichs. I’ve read many of her books, but think her first work – Deja Dead – somehow escaped my attention.  A terrific tale of forensics and suspense, but maybe not while you’re eating. Even though the book is – yikes – 25 years old, it still holds up and grabs the reader’s attention.  Horrific and grisly murder tales are timeless.

Jamie Tremain News:

New Book!  The second book in our Grant's Crossing series is Resort to Murder. Once again our wonderful cover designer, Jennifer Gibson, has provided a cover we love!

Alysha, Dianne and characters introduced in Death on the Alder return, along with a new resident, who doesn't fit the stereotype of 'retired'. She's quick to become involved when suspicion of murder befalls one of her housemate.

Last week, Kobo linked Resort to Murder as a similar book to read along with Gone Girl! I know I couldn't put Gone Girl down - it was one of the best domestic suspense books I've read.

We miss in-person launches and events where we can sign your book and get to know you. Where would we be without readers?   If you've purchased a print copy of any Jamie Tremain book, we'd be happy to send  you a signed bookplate and  bookmark.  Contact us at jamietremainJT@yahoo.com

We were honoured to start the new year featured on two blog posts: Diane Bator's Escape with a Writer series - Jamie Tremain shares their new book Death on the Alder and more! (dbator.blogspot.com)

And on The Mystery Section -  a super site featuring mystery books and authors.


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