Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday morning with "Body Perfect"

Liz and I had a very productive day yesterday. Six hours of pouring over our stories on a fact finding mission. We came to the conclusion that much revision was needed in Madelaine.
Locked up in my office with pots of tea and scones and then a lunch sandwich we hooted and laughed as we plotted the next plan of action. It was a great exercise as we only usually edit for 20 minutes at a time. Conclusion: Liz is "fixing" the background on Madelaine and making a few changes to the story. Pam is getting on with" Body" this morning.

We are often asked how we can do two stories at once and I think Liz answered that and I agree.
When you start with a story everything about the other disappears and you get totally focussed on the new one. I have found that the story I am working on is the one I love the best, or at least the characters are my favourites. But when I turn over to the other I feel the same.

It's a good day to be inside as the pathways are just sheet ice and I have no desire for broken bones. If this blog is nothing else we will keep our readers up to date with the weather!


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