Monday, February 4, 2008

Welcome!!! February 4 2008

Here we are!! Jamie Tremain welcomes you to our blog.

A bit of history is probably in order. Jamie Tremain is the pen name of co-authors Pamela Blance and Elizabeth Lindsay. Both of us share a love of reading and have worked together for several years at a major bank. We are both grandmothers and are bound and determined to become published authors in the very near future!

Liz has always wanted to write and dabbled at times, but nothing serious, and Pam was interested in writing memoirs and had taken several writing workshops with Brian Henry.

One fine day last June, Pam asked Liz to provide her with an opening line for a book, just as an exercise. Well Liz provided two -

1) "The Porsche was traveling so quickly, he almost hit the bundle, but his instincts kicked in and he was able to quickly swerve to miss what had been thrown from the back door of the van in front of him. Checking his rear view mirror and watching the sack coming to rest at the side of the road, he wondered if it could actually be a body curled up in there, or just a large bag of trash, casually disposed of by an inconsiderate driver? How quickly the mind makes split second decisions. Should he keep driving and dismiss what he had seen, or stop and go back? If it was a body, he would have to call the authorities and that would mean ........"


2) “Oh good Lord! Not ANOTHER meeting!!" Madelaine exhaled as the latest request hit her overflowing inbox. Only Monday and yet the thoughts of the weekend just past were fading rapidly. The ship had been amazing! The crew so dedicated to her comfort and attending to her every need, ......"

and from these two openings were born the stories "Body Perfect" and "Madelaine".

Our writing style has been to take turns writing a few pages and then handing it over for the other half of Jamie Tremain to carry on. In the early days, we often had no idea where the other was taking the story, but all in all it has turned out very well. And we are having an awful lot of fun with this undertaking!

Several dedicated "critics" are reading installments as we finish chapters and their feedback has become invaluable, as well as offering encouragement when badly needed!

As of this writing, we feel we are nearing the end of each story, and then will come the dreaded re-write, a challenge in itself, but one which most likely warrants a weekend retreat away from all and sundry interruptions! But if the re-write is looking like a challenge, then finding a publisher will be the next hurdle, and must be approached with a plan.

This venue will be a place to share our progress, our set backs, our successes (and hopefully may be of encouragement to others who dare to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard) and other random thoughts. Some links will be in order I'm sure. We both have favourite authors and have gathered some great resource web sites in our quest to get the job done right.

So please stop back in from time to time...we hope to post Chapter summaries, and maybe an excerpt here and there. And we'd love to hear from YOU!!

Jamie Tremain
aka Pamela Blance/Elizabeth Lindsay
5:21pm Monday February 4 2008


Caroline said...

Well, there's nothing like making your mark, and you've definitely done so here. Well done. Now the books! I WILL be reading the lot in one go. I found I lost the thread between chapters so, it's all stored up and I'll print it out and make a book of each. Look forward to it.

Jamie Tremain said...

Thanks for coming to have a look see Caroline!
I think we may be in the home stretch now for at least one of the stories if not both.


pblance said...

Hey Caroline, Stop printing and save up your money so that you can buy the books when they come out. Only $39.95 to you and we will sign them. LOL


Jamie Tremain remember the name said...

Still fiddling with this blog as it's new to us. Welcome from the other half of Jamie Tremain.


Caroline said...

Haha Jamie, that's ok, my work has subsidised the printing process entirely :) But hey, family gets discount!

HB said...

Hats off to both of you .... both stories provide a non-stop good read!!! Wishing you every success in getting published and look forward to a fully autographed copy of both books!!

elaine said...

Hi Pam
I see you are following in the family tradition!!
Good luck in this venture

Pam said...

Hi Elaine, Thanks for the kind comments. I have been pouring over my Dad's poems this morning looking for inspiration but.. most are written in the Doric or as he would say the vernacular.
I often wonder what he would think about our world today. Maybe there is a story there. Check in from time to time as I would like to here from you.