Jamie Tremain introduces their new cozy mystery series - Grant's Crossing. The first book in the series -  Death on the Alder -  is now available to pre-order in e-format from Amazon and other online retailers. Paperback will be available October 1 2021.

Twenty-eight year old Alysha Grant has inherited a large, rural, family property – Leven Lodge. A converted farmhouse is now home to a small, but eccentric, group of retirees. She feels overwhelmed and totally unprepared for this responsibility, but dives in.

Her arrival coincides with a body found floating in the Alder River. The suspicious death brings attention to some of the home’s residents and may be connected to a proposed casino. Opinion is divided on whether the development, to be built on a former sawmill location once belonging to Alysha’s family, will be a good thing for Grant’s Crossing.

Alysha and her life partner, Jeff Iverson, settle into their new duties, learning about the home’s residents and what makes them tick, when another body is retrieved from the river.  Coincidence? Alysha and new friends, voice their suspicions regarding the town’s shady naturopath—Dr. Reid Harrison—and vow to keep him away from those who live at the lodge.

Despite their best intentions, Alysha finds her own life threatened, when true motives around the casino are revealed.


May 2021 - We are moving from traditional publishing to self-publishing. We've had new covers designed for our Dorothy Dennehy Mystery Series.  Which means the newest book in the series, Beholden to None, is now ready! The books will be available in August.

From Jamie Tremain's launch of Lightning Strike in June 2019 at a Different Drummer Books in Burlington, Ontario

 Interview, Questions and Answers, were capably handled by our MC, Liz Polak

No Jamie Tremain event would be complete without the supportive members of our G5 Author's group.   
Pam Blance, Liz Lindsay, Donna Warner, Gloria Ferris, Donna Houghton


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