Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Day!

Phew! Finally home after one of the worst winter driving days that I can remember! It feels so good to get into comfortable pj's, catch up on email and then get down to some writing! (Perhaps might have to take a time out for something to eat!)

Pam and I had a good discussion during break this morning about the direction we want to take "Madelaine" as we near the end - came up with one or two possible twists which may or may not come to fruition. The shame is that our regular work day interrupts our creative processes! Had it been a true snow day it would have been almost perfect to sit by the keyboard, with a cup of tea, watching the snow and writing...writing...writing.....

Well time to see what's going to happen next with "Body Perfect"....Paul has found himself trapped, with a companion, and no easy way should I get him out of this? The surroundings are bleak and it may be up to Dorothy to find them! Well I guess I'll know before you do - so on to Chapter 15!

Be seeing you!


rosemarygillibrand said...

hi Folks, maybe it will come through this time. Well done to you both, keep the pen to paper, no slacking! Love to you both Rosemary xx

gram3 said...

Everything sounds so wonderful, just reading the blog I can't wait for the next "chapter"... lol Looking forward to reading these books. Knowing Liz as I do, I am not surprised that she is writing and from reading Pan's part of the blog, I can see to great accomplished authors coming our way!!! Good luck, best wishes and God bless!
love in Christ,
Linda :o)))