Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rain update and Body Perfect

Well it's still pouring down and the mess is everywhere. Glad I am inside.
I have been ensconced with Dorothy, Paul, Max ,Alanna and Victor and the rest all day. Just sent off my pages to Liz for her edification but I hear she is up to her ears in the rewrite of Madelaine. We opened a can of worms yesterday but it has to be done. Easy for me to say as I am not doing it but will be needed for the final edit.

Tomorrow is a new Holiday here in Canada. Family day. Lots are not happy with this as not everyone got it. Stores are open so when do they get a holiday??

I will visit my daughter and kids and have a day off from writing. I actually write most of the time but its in my head.
Just this minute heard from Liz and the basement is flooding with the thaw!!! She is not having a good day.


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