Friday, February 8, 2008

Pressure, Pressure

Well, there is nothing like a little pressure from one's "writing partner" to get the lead out, or hands to keyboard as the case may be. This happens from time to time as life get in the way of our writing. I could not get my mind on the stories this week as I had a presentation to do (as Liz mentioned) and that was taking all of my energy.

So to work. Tomorrow am, I will be entrenched with Maddy and Brian as they open the safe deposit box of her mothers and finally learn the truth of her birth and her father. This is working up to the conclusion of the Madelaine book so I need to keep the right tempo. Don't want to fizzle in the end.

Sunday I will switch hats and get into the skin of Dorothy and Paul as Paul is rescued from our evil Victor Lau. Can't tell you anymore than that as I don't know where I am going until I start.

I suppose I will throw on some laundry and flick a duster over the furniture but its not a priority with me. It will still be there on Monday so..........

Its a good w/e to write as we are getting more snow so hang on Liz and Maddy will be floating through cyberspace to you before you know it.



Mary Luz said...

How do you guys effectively toggle between two story lines, two sets of characters, life, kids, grand kids, house, husbands and all the rest? Sheesh- just writing it makes me tired! I say kudos ladies- can't wait to read the books!!!

Liz said...

Hi Mary

Thank you so much for your comments and taking the time to post them. We really appreciate any feedback

Actually, I'm surprised it hasn't been more difficult than it sounds.
Speaking for myself, I know that whichever story I am writing an instalment on, I am totally focused on those characters and whatever they are up to at that particular moment and the other story just fades.

Occassionally we have mixed up our lead male character names, but one of us will usually catch that.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to let a lot of housework slide - well something had to give, ha ha! So that frees up a lot of time. Most of my spare time is spent in front of the computer screen, writing or researching. So far it seems to be working OK!

However, I think I can speak for Pam as well, when I say that after these two books are wrapped up, our next writing project will focus on just one story at a time!!

Thanks again, Mary, and we look forward to you having the opportunity to read them as well!


Pam said...

Hi Mary Luz,
I agree with Liz. Who cares about housework. When you have the time I would really like you to have a short read of a chapter and give us your opinion. Of course if you are throwing in dinner as well I can bring the wine!!
Love to my friend Mario and thanks again.