Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally Friday

I was beginning to think this week would never end! Busy at work with month end reporting and two horrendous winter driving days. My normal 45 minute drive took 2 hours yesterday, along the 401. I don't know what was worse, the snail's pace of the traffic, and wondering if I had enough windshield wash, or being able to really see some of the monstrous potholes I've been driving over in the dark each morning! Sometimes ignorance IS bliss. And it looks like the rough drive on Wednesday, when it felt like I was in a tank going over 34 kilometres of large grade gravel instead of ashpalt, took its toll on my headlights. Both were shot today, and needed replacing.

Hats off to the Highway traffic maintenance crews, though..driving the highway today, you would never know that we had over 30 centimetres of snow, even the shoulders were bare!

And now its time to start the wind down. Amongst the usual weekend chores, I look forward to some writing time. And once Pam has done her share on each story, I'll be able to carry on with them. In the meantime, its a good chance to do some re-reading.

Pam had a busy afternoon - giving a very good motivational presentation to our team - hope someone remembers to feed "Jay & Andrea" over the weekend!


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