Friday, February 29, 2008

And so the week (and the month!) ends

Feb 29/08

Friday again! Another work week ended, and our extra February day almost over as well. Hard to believe it will be the first of March tomorrow.

The week itself wasn't overly productive as far as adding to our stories. I had added some scenes to Madelaine and forwarded to Pam, and she sent me back Body Perfect. Both of our efforts seemed to show a lack of "steam" for want of a better description. But we mulled them over during our breaks and made some corrections and improvements.

Ironically, this evening I had no thoughts, or intention, to start writing, and was going to wait for the light of day to see where my imagination might lead. But no, I had to go and open up Chapter 17 of Body Perfect! The result is that I have just finished about 4 pages and sent it on to the other half of Jamie Tremain to see what she thinks.

Let's see, Madelaine was left with a gathering of dignitaries at Gina's, a mysterious phone call to George Irwan, and Gina removing Brian and Madelaine out of a reporter's way. Madelaine has discovered news about her father, and wishes to comfort Gina in her grief.

What's happening with Dorothy and Paul? Hmmmmm.....evening interrupted, a grim discovery and perhaps a startling development with the product Paul and his company are backing......

And now, this writer is fighting bleary eyes and needs to unwind from the day, but I can go to sleep feeling satisfied that the creativity seemed to flow with little to no effort this evening...Oh that it would be like that all the time!!

Enjoy the weekend - oh, yes, of course...we had more snow!



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