Saturday, February 9, 2008

And it's still snowing!!!

And its still snowing!!!

You will notice that my comments are usually after you hear from Liz and that is because she is an early riser and I don't speak for the first few hours of rising, or write for that matter. If you check the times ,Liz's comments are at 4.30 am or some such ungodly hour. I am the sane one!!!

When I got up this morning and was staring out the window for inspiration I could see bird and squirrel prints in the snow. After having my tea and the read of two national newspapers , depressing myself with all the weird and wonderful happenings in the world, they have been obliterated by more of the lovely white stuff.

OK, one more load of laundry and I'm off.
Chapter 17:

Madelaine slumped back in her chair still holding the letter. She was without words as she looked at Brian with big eyes.

Gently Brian held her hand, as intuitively he felt that this was an important moment for Madelaine.

Keep tuned for more.

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Bravo to you, Paul P.