Friday, April 19, 2013

Prove You're NOT a Robot

Cyber bots have found Jamie Tremain.

Bloggers want comments – it gives vindication to our existence and reassures us that our posts are being read.  Desiring comments, we’ve tried to make this blog as user friendly as possible.  We turned off the word verification thing – often you can’t decipher what code is being requested anyway – deciding instead to moderate posts, which are attended to as quickly as possible.  I get its purpose, but really sometimes its ridiculous, and have personally given up in frustration on other sites because of it.   A quick google search on the subject finds no fans.  Seems to have become a necessary evil of the internet.  Perhaps eye scans will be next.    However, a similar idea to prevent telemarketers from getting through on the phone would have a lot of appeal for yours truly!

Pam has had a busy week in the writing world and she’ll soon be posting on her activities of last night – The Arthur Ellis Short List.   Can I bemoan the fact that I’m missing out?  Working to pay the bills, just like word verification, is a necessary evil. Although I enjoy my work and the colleagues I spend each day with, I wish I could be in two places at the same time!  And even more I’d love to have my day structured around the writing life instead of trying to fit it around my working life!  

But I digress – back to the trouble with spam. This week’s spam offerings were quickly dispatched to where they belong – the trash.  However, one struck me as humorous enough to share.  English as a first language is obviously not a strong point of the cyber-bot, but I can see the connections.

A tooth (plural teeth) is a cheap, calcified, whitish order initiate in the jaws (or mouths) of many vertebrates and used to defeat down food. Some animals, surprisingly carnivores, also exercise teeth repayment for hunting or for defensive purposes. The roots of teeth are covered nearby gums. Teeth are not made of bone, but to a certain extent of multiple tissues of varying density and hardness. The general systematize of teeth is nearly the same across the vertebrates, although there is of distinction modulation in their shape and position. The teeth of mammals be struck by deep roots, and this design is also initiate in some fish, and in crocodilians. In most teleost fish, manner, the teeth are partial to to the outer outside of the bone, while in lizards they are fixed devoted to to the inner come up of the jaw by way of a man side. In cartilaginous fish, such as sharks, the teeth are seconded around cold ligaments to the hoops of cartilage that accumulate the jaw.

And now its time for me to go and defeat down some food.

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