Friday, April 26, 2013

A picture by any other name..

    I have never been accused of being a good photographer. In fact, some say I am pretty bad. But I do like to snap family and friends whenever we are together. I have a very nice digital that you just point and shoot and in my case, hope for the best. I never check for lighting, but I do like to use the zoom.
    Last week at the Arthur Ellis short list event at the Indigo store in downtown Toronto, I was determined to record all the highlights of this gathering with some of my favourite authors. I sat in the front row and clicked away to my heart’s content, until the battery ran out. First rule- check battery before leaving home.  I did not look at the pictures until I returned home. I took about twenty pictures, and only one is presentable. The others were unprintable.
   The microphone was in Cathy Astolfos face, Janet Bolin was showing us her best scowl and
 Alison Bruce disappeared behind the podium. The others were too dark to tell who they were or they would be suing me for showing them in an unflattering light.

    I did capture the glamorous guest speaker Joy Fielding. Alas, I missed the opportunity to show you her red patent pointy toed stilettos with butterfly tattoos flying around her ankles. Melodie Campbell was bookended by a contemplative Robert Rotenberg and Howard Shrier in ‘the thinker’ pose.
Please follow the links for more information on these authors.

Lets hope my writing skills are better than my photography.



Chelly said...

So a career in photo-journalism is out of the question eh? :-)

Alison E. Bruce said...

My thanks for not posting ANOTHER photo of me disappearing behind a podium. :)

Pam said...

Photo-journalism is definitely out of the question Michele.

We'll have to get you a wee stool Alison.

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