Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A Writer's Rambles


Writing – it’s what writers do. If we’re gifted in our craft, diligent, dedicated, and lucky, we manage to get ourselves published. Since the age of eight, it’s what I’ve wanted to do. And even though it didn’t happen overnight, I’ve managed to find myself now as a published author.  Thanks in no small part to my talented and persistent writing partner, Pam, and our “Jamie Tremain” identity.


Today I find myself in a reflective mood. Generated in part remembering it’s my Mother’s 107th birthday today, and that tomorrow is Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day is poignant and I’ve posted the reasons why last year.   101 Years

But this year, this roller coaster of a year – 2020! It’s been written to death, and the political circus that has engulfed America has only added to the stew. I’ve been journaling since the virus took off back in March and find that’s been therapeutic, as well as a personal record of the world we’re living in. And I like statistics, so every day I’ve been recording virus numbers. Hey, routine is good, right?

I’ve been trying to avoid social media. It’s exhausting and frustrating. Everyone believes their opinion, and rights, are all that matters. I’m tired of the nastiness and seeing the very ugly side of human nature. Yes, we all know it’s there, but until recently, we’ve managed to be mature and keep it under control. It makes me so sad to see how angry everyone is. I think if I were God, this planet would have been toast quite some time ago!

Aside from the above, on a more personal note, Jamie Tremain’s writing progress has been halted at times this year for various reasons, not the least of which was Pam breaking her arm early in January. A portent of the year to come!  But despite setbacks and detours, the third book in our Dorothy Dennehy Mystery Series - Beholden To None -  is now with our publisher. 

Unfortunately, at times, the publishing process is slow – which is likely an understatement! 

In the meantime, Pam and I have had frequent video meetings with our Genre5 Author group, which have provided support, structure and one or two laughs. We’ve had a writing project on the go for the past few months. Imagine five authors working together on one project!  As if this year wasn’t crazy enough, but in fact it’s been a source of stability, at least for me. Can't say enough about these ladies and so grateful our love of writing has led to a wonderful circle of amazing friends.

Donna Warner   Pam Blance   Gloria Ferris   Liz Lindsay
Donna Houghton

Despite not being able to have in person book launches or book club meetings, writers tap into their creative side to find ways around it.  More online interviews, more video hook ups and chats mean we keep our presence out there. And we continue to write. Will we write with stories around COVID or totally ignore it? Opinion seems evenly divided, but regardless, stories will continue.

And before long, we will say adieu to 2020 and I wonder what the next year will bring? I only ask for the health and safety of my family and friends – this year has shown how terribly important those two elements are. Truly, no man is an island. Family and friends provide a foundation, roots and a fortress at times against the world. 

But for now, another glorious, and highly unusual, November day calls me to get some fresh air. We’ve enjoyed, here in southwestern Ontario, remarkably warm days; 18 - 22 degrees celsius! If not for the barren trees, you could be tricked into thinking early summer. It won’t last, of course, so as with all things, make every day count.

Cheers and thanks for listening!



Gayle said...

You look good, Liz. That is neat that you meet online with those who encourage all of you. Many blessings on all of you and the work you do for Him!

Liz said...

Thank you Gayle :-) Your friendship and support are, as always, much appreciated!

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