Sunday, September 13, 2009

Injuried by a Vanilla Caramel cone.

Only I could be injured by an ice cream cone! It was such a beautiful day, temp 25 and the lake beckoning. Just perfect for skipping stones and slurping on an ice cream. I took the two eldest g, kids and headed straight for the ice cream store as they were not want to linger in the 70%!!!off boutiques. They will change their minds when they have wife's of their own.

The three of us had the Vanilla/caramel. The boys in a cup but I enjoy a cone. One of those big waffle thingies. Yummy. We had only gone about 5mins towards the lake when the sharp edge of the cone pierced my bottom lip. Now you need to know that I have absolutely no pain tolerance and the boys thought I was over -reacting. Not much sympathy there. I managed to eat the rest of my ice cream amid my whimpering and after 20 mins of skipping stones and a cursory look at the yachts I had them back in the car and brought them home.

I now have a fat lip and an ache in my teeth,imagining that I have blood poisoning. We have had an invasion of wasps this year and my husband, who loves to give graphic details of things I would rather not know, suggested it was probably a wasp stinging me before he died!!! If that was the case, where did the wasp gooooooooo. Right now my tongue feels swollen too.

Before you start to send the sympathy cards let me tell you what I accomplished before my adventure today.

Trying to find the right agent is a job in itself. By the right agent I mean that the criteria that they insist on has to match your book. When researching different agents I would go off on a tangent on suggested sites and before you knew it three hours had past. Not time wasted as I organized my favourites to suit me better and my list is getting longer of the agents I want to zero in on.
Sent said list to Liz for approval and this week we will get a few more queries sent out.

Hope you have enjoyed the super weather and stayed away from the wasps, or ice cream cones.

Talk soon,



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