Sunday, September 20, 2009

An afternoon in Eden

Eden Mills that is. The 21st Eden Mills Literary Festival was this weekend and I managed a trip there to listen to some smashing authors. Liz had another committment so could not be there. Eden Mills is on her home turf so I am sure she would have enjoyed it.

It could not have been a more glorious day. The readings took place at different venues but the authors I wanted to see were beside an old mill. The were placed on a small island with a moat seperating them from the audience. Most were sitting on blankets or lawn chairs and Glory be! I could hear everything. Before I settled down with my lawn chair I wandered down Publishers way and checked out all the books for sale. I am glad they only took cash and as I don't have any ... well just enough to buy one. I bought Louise Penny's latest book that has not even launched yet. Yipee!. It is called The Brutal Telling and I can't wait to get started on it. She of course signed it and put, To Pam, the third signed book in the whole world. She also read from the book so that was the start of the launch.

The other author I really enjoyed was John Ralston Saul. Very good speaker and funny. Check out his website.

There were many more and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon in the sun, relaxing and listening to my favourite authors. Of course no afternoon in the sun is complete without an icecream but this time I had it in a cup!!.

I ended my day by getting lost on the way home. I must invest in either a compass or one of those GPS thingies. All the countryside looks the same to me but I was going in the right direction , I think ... but why do I keep seeing these beautiful horses in every field. Amid wonderful horse farms and winding roads with trees starting to turn golden and orange I finally came to a road that I recognized. I enjoyed the trip but it might have been different at night.

Liz has sent me two more revised chapters of Body so she has been busy tonight. Think I will have an early night with my new book.

Talk later,


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