Monday, September 28, 2009

Words, music, food ,dogs ,children and lots of books.

My usual Sunday evening blog was delayed due to extreme fatigue and sore feet. Well that's an exaggeration but after walking around for hours in the hot sun at the book and magazine festival "Word on the Street" I was not up to any blogging or much of anything.

I have been going to this festival since it started in 1990 and only missed a few. This was the best year yet. I don't know how many thousands were there but the setting is great at Queen's park and very well organized. Tents were in abundance with workshops and readings. Booths of booksellers and magazines and signings. Lots of music and I saw oddles of different breeds of well behaved dogs.

A large area was taken over by the folks at Sony who were promoting ebooks. I know, I know, technology is with us but... and there is a place for them. But how do you take one of those things to bed and get comfy? Or when your friend wants to borrow the book you have been raving about... and what about the feel and smell of books. and what would I do with my lovely bookcases? I have a better affinity with Audio Books as they are perfect for a walk or run or in the car.

One of the busiest tents and booths were the children's readings and the selling of the phenomena of graphic novels. Not comics but whole novels with some of the most amazing drawings and the kids were loving them.
The jury is still out on those but as long as they are reading... My grandsons read them but also read regular books.

Did I mention food! I ended up with a Malaysian....... Not sure what it was. Watched it being made but had a problem eating it.

Met up with John Moss, a super mystery writer and his wife Beverley Haun. Check his latest "Grave Doubts" a Quinn and Morgan mystery.

and also Vicki Delaney a very prolific writer with her Constable Molly Smith books and her latest is "Winter of Secrets" out fall 2009.

Of course my main objective was to hopefully meet an agent who could not wait to get their hands on our manuscript but alas.. I did attend a workshop with a very prominent agent from Toronto so I will be doing as she suggested and she will be hearing from us soon.

Talk later.



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Liz said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and hope you'll keep coming back!


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