Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

What a glorious spring day here in south western Ontario. Finally some agreeable weather.  Managed to sit outside on the patio, read a few pages of  Fever Dream by Preston & Child and bask in the comforting warmth of a late afternoon sun.   I might even have dozed off there for a moment or too.  Heavenly!

Pam and I squeezed in a couple of hours on-line earlier, working hard to have our short story all polished up for submission to Scene of the Crime later next month.   Fortunately she is planning on spending a writing day here next Saturday so it will be the time for final touches.   No surprise that having to limit a story to stay within a word-limited guideline makes this exercise quite challenging.

I’ve probably spent as much time on my computer today as I do at work.  First thing today  I needed to wind up this month’s newsletter for work and send it off, and then it was time to review a 45 page document received late yesterday afternoon in preparation for a 9:00 am meeting on Monday.  Welcome to the last minute club!  After that I started working on what Pam had sent until she came online a little later.  Still have a few pages left to review, perhaps we can carve out some time tomorrow.

Sunday afternoon will see my family gather to celebrate my granddaughter’s first communion  - an event I wouldn’t want to miss.  Plus it presents an opportunity for us to gather and catch up on what’s been happening.  Even though we all live with ten or fifteen minutes of each other, lives are busy and schedules rarely mesh.

The delivery of two hundred plus chairs went well Thursday evening.  Out with the old and in with the new.  So far comments on the new seating seems favourable.  With help from a couple other staff working late, we did manage to complete the task in two hours.  As fast as the delivery people offloaded new chairs, we were whipping them to their new locations and moving the line up of old chairs towards the elevator.  Quite the production.

When it was time to leave, a spring downpour was in progress, but the rain felt so good as I walked to my car.  And then I was blessed to see the most magnificent rainbow, brilliant and stretching in a perfect half circle over buildings and highway.  Others at work the next morning commented on it as well.  A fitting end to a very long day.

And a last minute reminder to stay tuned for Pam’s planned interview with Barbara Fradkin here on Monday. You won’t want to miss it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – Cheers!



Pam said...

Hope you are enjoying Preston and Child.They are my new favourite authors.

Elizabeth Lindsay said...

I'm enjoying it.. thanks for recommending the story!