Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seasonal Greetings

It arrived yesterday just before noon - so Seasonal Greetings to all! A girlfriend and I decided last year that because we don't care for "Seasons Greetings" being used more and more instead of "Merry Christmas", we would use "Seasonal Greetings" at each change of the Seasons - at least when we remember!! Hallmark - are you listening?

Pam at last word is still without a computer - hopefully there will be a positive report this morning on a prediction of when she will be back online...she is very frustrated to say the least. Yesterday she said that she didn't realize how much it bothererd her to not be able to have her computer. No kidding!

I have updated Chapter 6 of Madelaine and we are looking ahead to a fourth (and FINAL!!) draft..the revisions are becoming more and more polished - which is the goal.

The weather of the past few days has been my favourite! Cool and crisp nights, with sunny and pleasantly warm days. The colours of the trees are becoming more and more vibrant - a canvas of reds, yellows and orange, contrasting with the remaining green, set against brilliant blue skies. Nature's art work - changing each day.

And now my next thought is - what will I pay for gas at the pumps this morning???

Hope your day is a good one -



Pam said...

Happy 1st day of Fall Liz. That was yesterday along with International ,dont drive your car day. My bike had a puncture so.....
I did not realize how hooked on my computer I had become and like everything else you only notice when it is gone. Hope to have it back by the end of the week.
Fortunately I prefer to edit the hardcopy so last night I read five chapters and I hope you are in agreement Liz that it is becoming a done deal.
One more round the block to clean up typo's etc and then it will be ready for an airing.
Better go, as work awaits.


carolinemack said...

how are you leaving comments if you don't have a computer pam? from the office? oh you're bad! :)
Hope it's fixed soon. You will have plenty free time to be revising now so things should be hotting up. My wee doggie's just having a coughing fit right now, which is not nice to hear so I'm away. Talk soon.

carolinemack said...

oh, how come you have things set to approve comments before publishing? are you scared you'll get some naughty ones? :)
Would BUM count? hahahaha

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