Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sultry Summer Days

Perfect for reading, or writing of course.  Energy expended in other pursuits, gardening, housework and the like are far too tiresome when the humidex reads in the 40’s!  A shade tree, comfortable chair and a glass full of something cold are worthy companions for an afternoon spent lost in a book. Oh. Wait.  I forgot - I have to go to the office and work instead.

Last week I finished Gayle Lynd’s “The Book  of Spies”…wow..what a ride!   So many ways to kill a person – and at the heart of the story, a fantastic legendary library dating from antiquity.  So appropriate.   This tale would make a fantastic movie thriller and I hope to see more of Eva Blake and Judd Ryder.  Have to agree with the London Observer who says “she’s a kick-ass thriller writer”.   I closed the back cover on that book and then opened Deryn Collier’s  “ConfinedSpace” after a glowing recommendation from Pam.  It would appear the story will live up to her enthusiastic review.  

Pam and I continue to tinker with Body Perfect;  re-writing scenes and pumping up dialogue and description.  We feel we only need to tweak the first 3 or 4 chapters (I hope!) and then will be able to mesh everything with the remainder of what’s already written.  Pam, in her spare time, compiles lists of agents and publishers.  And I try to  keep pace with her revisions and suggestions.  The challenge is to not have this become drudgery – after sitting at an office desk for eight hours, I don’t want to feel I’m coming home to put in more hours of work.  We’ve looked at Body Perfect so much, it’s hard to keep it fresh.  But we will soldier on.

I recently joined “The Hungry Bookworms” page on Facebook.  Great place to share book suggestions and hear recommendations from other readers and writers. Lots of enthusiasm and friendly discussions. If you’re looking for a place to get ideas on what to read, check it out!

And now its time to have a bite to eat.  One side benefit when the weather is this warm, not too many heavy meals are on the menu – and I’m very grateful for air conditioning.

Stay cool – beat the heat with a good book.



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