Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ten Days!!!!

Can it be 10 days since the last entry! Apparently it is. :-(

Its not that there is nothing happening, but the past couple of weeks have been somewhat exhausting for both Pam and I. Pam continues to be frustrated by computer ailments and is hoping to have a PC doc take a look very soon! Although I have some experience with computer woes and am fairly tech savvy, my suggestions to her have not been successful - and I certainly can share her extreme frustration with not having a dependable computer to work with. I on the other hand, am seeking motivation - and Pam waggling a threatening finger at me to "revise" just doesn't quite cut it. Dead on my feet most days, I am!

We have a mutual friend at work, Cheryl, to whom we have promised the plum position of Administrative Assistant/Marketing Genius/General Dog's Body (ie..."Is the coffee ready, Cheryl?") for Jamie Tremain Publications, in the (very near, please!) future. She suggests we need to already be thinking of a co-ordinated line of clothing and other accessories, featuring the JT "look" - even though the "look" has not yet been perfected. However, there is the small matter of actually getting published first to attend to. Details, details...tsk, tsk!

Pam and I both agree that we are most anxious to wrap up Madelaine so that we can get back to finding out what Paul and Dorothy have been up to during this extended hiatus - I'm sure with no one to watch over them, there has been ample occasion for more shenanigans.

The weekend approaches and the weather is definitely in tune with the time of year; chilly nights (the best for sleeping!) and sunny days..oh that it would last until, say, February and then March right into spring. Have I mentioned that I really don't like the winter??

Next week we have our annual company gala and awards dinner after work. Makes for a long day, but perhaps we will have the opportunity for a more recent photo to replace the shot here on the blog!

So please bear with us - we are by no means giving up on our dream, but just as with any dream, real life tends to intrude at the most inopportune times!



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