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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Southern Comfort and Freighters

Yoo Hoo, I'm back,

My trip to Harsen's Island was much too short. Great company,food to die for and Southern Comfort Manhattan was the drink of choice. We idled away the hours sitting on the dock watching the freighters go by.It was like the start of the summer not the end as the temp. was in the high 20's.
Wikipedia informed me that the St Clair river channel surrounding this island has more freighters than the Panama canal and the Suez combined and I believe it. They would glide effortlessly and quietly, or so it was for me. As I don't hear a great deal I would be startled out of my deck chair by the presence of these gigantic steel boats from all over the world. Only imagining what they had in their holds. Maybe grain ,salt or lumber. All the while motor boats and cruisers and those little sea-doos were dwarfed by their presence.

Now you must be thinking, " this girl does not get out much". Well thats true, but I have to say I really enjoyed them.

I did meet a fellow writer on this trip. She was the daughter-in-law of the lady I was visiting. She has just published her first book and I was so excited for her. Her name is Linda Wolf and she has just released her first children's book called "A Nightcrawler's Nightmare". She also did the illustrations and has her first book signing soon. (It's available through Good luck Linda.

Driving back through Stratford, one of my favourite towns, I had a notion for fish and chips so we stopped at a diner. Not very glamourous but they claimed to have the best fish and chips anywhere and butter tarts that melt in your mouth. Their boast was true and the name of the diner was Madelynes. I could not resist.

And what has this to do with my writing? Not much. I had great intentions to write in the car but I slept most of the way and on the way back we missed the duty free. I am the navigator but the car was putting me to sleep again. I had a taste for a Manhattan.

Liz has been busy while I was away and in a few days more of lolling around will have me back to revising Chapter nine.



carolinemack said...

Glad you had a nice time Pam. Want to hear all about it. Question: Can you or Liz maybe put the 'blog archives' at the top of the page? Don't know if that's even a possibility but it's annoying having to scroll down after every diary day. Especially with all the additional word game stuff there now. I do keep getting 100% on the word comparison game so I like that one but can't play hangman, never could :)

Liz Lindsay said...

Hi Caroline

No problem..I've moved the link further up the page and hope that helps.
I love the word comparison game myself and usually get all 5 correct...its a good brain challenge at times!