Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Merry Month of May

May 3

May is starting out on a damp note, rain yesterday and more forecast for today. Dare I admit that I really like rainy days?? As long as it's not days on end, I find them comforting. Even better, I love thunderstorms! While I'm not a fan of those fierce, tree snapping storms, I do enjoy the build up to a good steady, drenching, storm...the darkening skies, and distant rumbles. As the storm moves closer and if its warm enough, I love to stand on the porch and enjoy the smell of the rain before it arrives and hear the crack of thunder as it booms close by! What can be better than lying snuggled under the covers, and drifting off to sleep with the rhythm of the rain? No I know! A comfortable chair, cup of tea and favourite book while all around mother nature dances. Besides, if its a thunderstorm I should refrain from using the computer anyway!

I credit my mother with helping me not have a fear, or worse an absolute dread, of thunderstorms. Many of my friends do and they look aghast when they can see my look of eager anticipation at an approaching storm. Mind you, I don't think I'd like to be camping in a tent during one, so I will concede on that point.

Pam and I talk a lot about our future as "Jamie Tremain" and yesterday driving to work I visualized how I might like the premises of our venture to look - a shared place (of business) to do our writing and researching. So with my mental image in place, I've asked Pam to do the same and then we can compare and see if we share common ground.

Well I'm off to do some grocery shopping - how mundane, but necessary. Then a few needed chores, and if I'm fortunate, later today will be a comforting rainy afternoon, which just might provide a fertile atmosphere for literary creativity!

Enjoy the day!


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