Sunday, May 4, 2008

"The icing on the cake."

Both my eldest grandsons are voracious readers since an early age and it is no surprise to me that they are doing very well in school. Riley, who is almost a teenager, called Friday night to inform me of his latest accomplishment.He had received A's in History and Science. His cousin Westyn, who is nine was very shy about it but eventually told me that he came first in his class and received an A+ in a chemistry project. Well that was the icing on the cake. You would have thought I had spent hours doing homework with them instead of their parents. I am very proud of both of them. I have decided to do a little bribery and see if we can keep up the momentum. I have drawn up a contract for each to sign and this is how it goes. They will receive $20.00 for each A, $10.00 for a B and if they get a C then they pay me!!!. A short story with correct spelling and grammar is worth $10.00.
The money will be paid at the end of term and half goes into an account and the rest they can spend as they choose. Time will tell how my methods in learning work out.

After yesterday's rain ,which was non stop, the sun shining and even the wind, drying everything up is a welcome change. Like Liz, I too enjoy watching the weather, especially storms as long as I am warm and secure inside. Yesterday was a perfect day for cleaning.. yes cleaning. I could not get my mind around a sentence to continue with Maddy so I do what I always do when I freeze with the writing. Retail therapy. My vacuum was caput so that's what I did. Bought a new one.
Such excitement. Well...I managed most of the upstairs .Enough of mundane things. I soon got tired of the domestic stuff and finished a super book I have been reading.

To write you have to read or so I keep being told. This was a novel by Peter Robinson. a master story teller.The book is called "Strange Affair". I was fortunate to meet Peter about 15 years ago at a reading here in Oakville and I have been hooked ever since. He was born in Yorkshire but has lived in Toronto for the last 30 years. Check him out.

So that being said, I will bet Peter Robinson does not spend his time blogging and he keeps on writing. My partner in crime I see has just send me an update on Body so I had better get the lead out and keep up my end of the bargain.
So without further ado, that is after I make a pot of tea, I will get started with my Madelaine.



kirkmc said...

Peter doesn't blog, but he does have a new website:

Pam said...

Hi Kirk,
Thank you for letting me know of the new website. You have done a beautiful job with it and I look forward to reading it and keeping up with Peter. I hope to make his reading in June in downtown Toronto.
I am trying to imagine you typing away looking over the French Alps. Sounds idyllic. Maybe a good site for my next book!!!


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