Sunday, March 30, 2008

Winter Weekend in Niagara....

....and now its back to reality :-(

I have spent a wonderful weekend (a birthday present!) in Niagara Falls, Canada. Growing up within an easy drive of Niagara Falls, I have seen it numerous times, but this is the first ever winter visit and the scenery was amazing! The weather couldn't have been better, beautiful blue skies and brilliant sunshine. It was cold, but it actually felt good.

This was the view from our 11th floor - I love that the rainbow appears to be cut exactly in half! Later in the day, it shifted position and the end of the rainbow actually touched down in the roadway just in front of the hotel...from my vantage point, I could actually see people walking through the end of it, apparently unawares! (So I guess that pot of gold is unobtainable because it's invisible!)

It was good to get away from the regular routine of life for a brief respite - to be out in the extremely crisp and fresh air certainly helped blow away the winter-weary cobwebs.

Pam was right, we did have a lousy week at work, and while right now I feel somewhat energised to face Monday, I don't know if the battery boost will last any longer than that!

She has been busy and added to Madelaine and I have both stories to enlarge upon now. I sat here Friday night and stared at Body inspiration, no ideas, no nothing! Very frustrating. I turned instead to Madelaine, and with little to no effort, was able to contribute enough for Pam to carry on with.

Well I hope the enormous doses of fresh air over the past 24 hours will also translate into a better night sleep - something I could really do with. Not feeling well rested isn't great for the creative juices either I suppose.

I hope Pam is enjoying her dinner, and I know we are both so much looking forward to Monday morning! ( the sarcasm coming through OK?)

Have a good evening!


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