Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Mystery and Shenanigans....

I am well pleased with my writing this w/e. At least the amount I managed to write. Updates to both Madelaine and Body were accomplished and have been fwd to Liz for her edification. We like to read out loud what has been written to see if it flows and we have many a laugh at what we say.Fortunately we are on the same page when it comes to editing.
Madelaine chapter 17 is now finished and Liz will start 18 with a new angle and story line. It appears that George and Gina have become very close and it is a mystery to everyone when this came about. I left her with this.

"I know someone who is anxious hear how George and I became acquainted and I will tell you all once we are at dinner," said Gina cryptically. "Now where is my wrap?"

Body Perfect is also on Chapter17 but is not finished yet. Without giving an integral part of the story away , suffice to say Dorothy and Paul have been interrupted once more in what they affectionately call "Shenanigans" and are called back to Bamboo Fine Imports for an amazing discovery. After some time with Jim Addison and making plans for the next day I left Liz with this.

Fatigue took hold as Dorothy and Paul drove back to the houseboat. They were consumed with their own thoughts and both agreed not to discuss the case anymore tonight. They crashed on the sofa where Paul, with a mischevous grin said to Dorothy..
"Now where were we?

We have found that it is usually Liz that gets them into bed and I am left to get them out but the tables have turned. See what you can do with that Mrs Lindsay.
The weather update is , clear roads but still cold . Unfortunately it will be fine to drive to work in the morning as I would like to be snowed in and keep writing. Lets see what the week will bring.


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