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A Trilogy to Die For

                           Dorothy McIntosh with her dog Bruin.

D.J.McIntosh is the National best- selling author of The Witch of Babylon, The Book of Stolen Tales.and now the final book in this thrilling trilogy.

The third book in this Mesopotamian Trilogy, Angel of Eden,  brings an end to the adventures of protagonist John Madison. Or does it? Have we seen the last of John?

Welcome back Dorothy to Jamie Tremain’s blog.


In 2011, The Witch of Babylon was released to much acclaim.

When The Book of Stolen Tales was released in 2013 they asked, "Is D.J. McIntosh the new Dan Brown?- The Globe and Mail

I've been lucky enough to read The Angel of Eden before its release on June 23rd/2015 and I'm not disappointed. John Madison takes you on a mystical, and at times harrowing and tortuous adventure.


You have lived with this man,(in your head) for the last six years. How can you let such a great character go? Or is it time for you to move on to something else?

John Madison and I are B.F.F.’s (when he isn’t making me clench my teeth). I could never let him go. Next up might be a prequel – we’ll have to wait and see!


Do you enjoy writing from the male point of view? Many writers have a preference. Do you?


It’s trickier to write from a guy p.o.v. but, fortunately, my male friends set me straight if I veer off course. Feeling comfortable about writing a character has, i.m.o., more to do with their emotional core, beliefs and motivations than with their gender. 


So, trilogy, series or stand alone. You also write short stories. Can you give us a peek into what you will be writing next. Would you write another trilogy?


The jury is still out on that. I’m tossing around a few ideas that include continuing with the John Madison series. I’m taking a much-needed break over the summer and will decide in the fall.


The publishing world is changing like everything else. Pam personally goes with the flow. But others fight it. Are all the changes inevitable? What is your take on this? 


I don’t think we have any choice but to adapt – the publishing world is a good deal bigger than any individual writer. Rather than lamenting the changes, it makes the most sense to see where the new opportunities are and hop on for the ride.


John Madison's adventures would translate well to the big screen - any thoughts on who you'd like to portray him?


A kinder, gentler, Christian Bale.


That you've done your research on the background of these books is very evident. Did you ever find yourself getting lost in the research at the expense of time spent creating the story? 


At times, I did get lost in the research and it was such a pleasure! I like to say that readers enjoy historical novels because they want to learn something as well as being entertained by a great story. The same could be said about research – it’s so fascinating for me to learn about the ancient world and to weave my discoveries into a narrative. Research has also given me a lot: character’s names, plot points, descriptions.


During your research did you unearth any interesting facts that didn't make it into the pages of the tale?

You’ve pinpointed the downside to gathering a large volume of research – you can’t fit all of it in, and so you worry about whether you’re being respectful of your subject matter, giving a clear enough picture, skimming over important details. This is especially the case with an art work that entertains, like a novel, where any sense of ‘lecturing’ must be avoided. 


Mark your calendar folks for this evening panel discussion at Indigo, Bay and Bloor, Toronto. It's sure to be an interesting evening. The Angel of Eden will be the star.


Thanks Dorothy for sharing your thoughts and explaining your take on the publishing world today. We wish you much success with Angel of Eden and your future writing projects.

D.J. (Dorothy) McIntosh is a Toronto-based writer of novels and  short mystery fiction. A member of the Canadian Society for Mesopotamian  Studies, she's a strong advocate for press freedom. She supports the Committee To Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders.

To Contact Dorothy:
@d mcintosh1

Check back on July 13th to be entertained by our friend and  author, Gloria Ferris. She will be talking about her new book, Shroud of Roses, the latest in the Cornwall and Redfern mystery series and much more.

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Gloria Ferris Mystery Writer said...

I really enjoyed the first two John Madison stories, and look forward to the third. Dorothy, you really rock the historical suspense genre! As for me, I look forward to reading what I said. July 13th you say? I hope its printable!

Pam said...

You are next in the hot seat Gloria. Sharpen your pencils.

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