Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grow old with me,the best is yet to come. quote by, Robert Browning

September is more a new beginning than the New Year or Spring to me. Out with the old and in with the new. I love the weather.. cool nights, no humidity and the colours in nature, wonderful. And of course fall fashions, fall fairs and a harvest of yummy thanksgiving veggies.

It is also the start of the yearly book launches. Those who were fortunate enough to publish their books go on tour to sell and promote. I would like to say Liz and I are amongst them but alas we have been stagnant this past six months and on a bit of a hiatus.

Trying to keep cool on my vacation this week during the "extreme heat alert" these past few days was hard but I managed that by hanging out at the local shopping mall to drool over the fall outfits . I was supposed to be buying clothes for Riley, my 15 year old grandson and I did manage to fill his quota from a list of must haves. We cleaned out a closet of clothes that no longer fitted and I can believe it as he is now 6ft 2inches. Must be in our water! Is that the reason why I have put on weight??.... better stop drinking our water!I think I shrunk but went outwards!

I have kept up with the blogs I follow of different Canadian authors and if they are going on tour with a new book it is well deserved. The amount of work they put into their craft is essential. To be prolific in this field is not something that just happens, you have to work at it.

So where does that leave Jamie Tremain?

The hot weather is almost behind us... Liz is now settled in her new place... I have gone through a period of adjustment with Riley and we have settled down. I am moving my office to have some peace and quiet with no distractions so I won't have an excuse for not churning out the next Canadian masterpiece.
I will get together with Liz soon to play catch up and finalize Body Perfect before sending out our query letters.

I have a good feeling about 2011 so wish us well.

Talk soon,


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