Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Canadian wimps!

If Liz and I had any followers of this blog then they must be long gone. I would like to say that we have been busy writing , revising and getting our books published but I would be telling a huge fib.
To tell you the truth neither Liz nor I can take the warm weather and it leaves both of us drained. Liz is having a harder time than I as she has no air conditioning. Now those of you that live in countries where air conditioning is not the norm must be laughing at the wimps here in Canada. But the humid index today was at 40 degrees and I just ran from my office through the underground parking and the first thing I did was turn on the air. It takes a couple of minutes to reach me and ...bliss. Without it, it feels like sitting in a tin can or an oven. Arriving at home about 30 minutes later, nicely cooled, no sweat, I darted from the car into my airconditioned house. No oven for dinner. that is why we barbecue so much here.

Enough about the weather. It appears to be a Canadian pastime, predicting the weather that is. I think the weather reporters should stop telling us how hot it is and then we would not notice. Maybe.

I have finished reading all the books and more that I brought back from the Bloody Words conference. Nearly all Canadian authors and each book quite different apart from the fact they all had dead bodies in them. I made notes on most of them to learn a few secrets on pacing and decription. Watching dialogue and plotting. A problem I have is how to end a story and they were as varied as having a good beginning to keep the reader interested.

All is not lost as Liz and I still meet for a confab at lunch time (in our air-conditioned cafeteria) where we discuss the merits of books we have read and where we will take ours to...Just as soon as our mushy brains cool down and we can think again.

Talk soon,


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