Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer's End

How quickly summer passed this year, but I am not sad to say goodbye to the heat and humidity which dominated July and August ; causing sleepless nights and grumpy days!

Yesterday was as if someone flipped a switch!  Friday had been another very warm day, but by Saturday morning the temperature had dipped to about 11 degrees Celsius and jackets or hoodies were the order of the day if you were outside.  And they had better have been waterproof too!   Bands of heavy showers swept through most of the day.    A planned outing to a local Fall Fair was abandoned due to the weather.

This morning I awoke, after the best night sleep in weeks, to sunshine and crisp air – my favourite type of weather!

Kids will be heading back to school on Monday and even though it has been MANY years since I have been part of that academic ritual, the start of school continues to signify a fresh beginning for me.  Not even January 1 carries the same weight in that regard.

A new (or clean and re-organzied) desk, unspoiled notebooks and a fresh assortment of writing utensils; whatever the age it can be a great motivator to work toward those goals we writers have.

Pam has enjoyed a week away from work and hopefully it has helped recharge her batteries after an extremely busy summer for her at work.   We do need to have a good day together to go over Body Perfect as its first official draft is nearing completion.  I have a few days vacation this month as well and that will be a “no excuse” time for ensuring it is complete .

Wherever you are, I hope the weather is to your liking, because I’m certainly enjoying mine. And if this is a long weekend for you – enjoy and be safe.


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