Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is what this day is called in Britain, but they celebrate mothers in March. To all you lovely mummies old and new, have a good day and I hope you are pampered and cossetted and your children make a fuss over over you.

My husband bought me a bottle of my favourite fragrance after I left an empty bottle on the dresser. Nothing subtle about me. I know, I am not his mummy but I did carry his three children for nine months!!! Whine, whine.Still to hear from the children!!

On the writing front I have been polishing the first three chapters of "Body Perfect" and just a few minutes ago received back from Liz her changes and agreement to mine. I will take those to the Bloody Words conference at the end of this month. Liz is not joining me as she is moving to a townhouse a few weeks after, so with the expense and all that moving entails she has decided to stay home and pack boxes. It won't be the same as Liz takes better notes than I do so it is up to me to schmooze and talk my fool head off to everyone, especially agents and publishers.

The is the tenth Anniversary of Bloody Words and there is a party on the Friday night . Saturday wil be very busy with workshops and classes all day and then a banquet at night where they give out the "Boney Pete" award. Sunday after a workshop I have booked a place at the luncheon for "Sisters in Crime" get together.

Cold but sunny day although they are calling for a snowfall!! Hail and heavy rain yesterday. It's early days yet for a summer. That's my excuse to stay out of the garden. Don't want the poor plants to die in a frost.

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