Saturday, April 24, 2010

Printers ink and black hands!

The volcano in Iceland has stopped spewing ash and the travellers are back on track. The devastation in Haiti continues with families still living in tents and looking for their next meal. Local politicians are up to no good and the Mayoral race is heating up. And I get all this news before my breakfast.

I have always read the morning newspaper with my breakfast and there is nothing like reading the weekend paper before everyone wakes up. My first pot o’ tea of the day would not be the same without the smell of printers ink and my black hands marking everything in my wake. Even when it makes me late for work most mornings!

Maybe it is a generational thing. My colleagues at work, some a few decades younger and born into the age of computers and the Internet find it hard to understand why I don’t click on to my newspaper of choice and read all the news and weather, catch a short video of real time, 24 hours a day.

I feel the same way about books.

Discussing the publishing industry with a friend who has just finished her third book (in the paranormal genre,) she is trying to decide to publish her latest as an e –book. Well I am not quite ready for that yet. I know, I know, times are a-changing but I still see books as something tangible. My friend whipped out her I-phone and showed me what she was reading. Well, I will work on that but don’t look for Madelaine on line yet.

Today was a beautiful day and I spent it at a fashion show that was different from the norm. Put on by the Multiple Sclerosis Society they had a designer demonstrate clothes that were specifically made for women in wheelchairs. My friend Sandra, who has had MS for 42 years, was the model. The majority at the luncheon were either in wheelchairs or had walkers or canes and the crowd were made up of friends or relatives. I was with a party of seven very with it ladies. Ages were from 55-93 and such a well put together bunch. They had all been in the fashion business at one time or another, from retail women’s wear, direct selling of a major brand to company buyer of ladies wear. They were most impressed by the quality of the designs and the ingenuity behind them. It is enterprising women like this designer that makes living with MS just a little bit easier. Very enjoyable day.

Tomorrow the plan is to proof read the chapters Liz has been sending me. No decision has been made yet regarding the Bloody Words Conference but will decide this week as we have to book if we are going. Sounds like a great lineup.

Talk soon,

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Unknown said...

Hi Pam..Just checked your blog to see if your on the "best seller list" yet,but alas not yet...however if you checked to-day's Star paper there's an interesting article you would be interested in "Saturdays Star"anyway you look like you and your friend might just make it,all the best....Jim....

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