Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In Praise of Libraries

Missed my Monday blog post yesterday. The best laid plans and all that. I actually started my post, but I lost it. Been known to happen. I had decided to organize my day and keep to a schedule. You can stop laughing now. Liz is the organized one, but I tend to get distracted by ...just about anything.

After my early morning walk yesterday I thought the best place to get some writing done was a visit to the library. This is to avoid being interrupted by persons, who shall remain nameless, about the most trivial things. Even with a sign on the door and threats to life and limb my husband stands in the doorway of my office to inform me of Harpers latest fiasco in the senate or our maligned Mayor Ford’s indiscretions. My grandson Riley who will be eighteen next week wants to know where his grey shirt is and did I know the cereal was finished. Wheesh! Look for your shirt yourself and as you are the only one that eats cereal how would I know it was finished?

Those are just a few of the daily interruptions. I find FB and all the other sites I have attached myself to take me away from what I want to do, and that is to write.  Which brings me back to my use of the Library. I used to visit and borrow books until I would forget to return them. Then we have Google and other sites for research on my trusty laptop. Well, not always so trustworthy. I’ve fried the battery I’m told by those in the know-it’s getting old. Aren’t we all?

When I took my laptop yesterday to the library the assistant tried to help me connect with their WIFI. She gave me a pitying glance and gave up after ten minutes and suggested I use one of theirs. Now why didn’t I think of that?  Perfect. I had a beautiful spot overlooking the marina, it was quiet, and the keyboard was great. Nobody talked to me or asked me questions they could have answered themselves. I couldn’t see the dust or the laundry to take to the basement or hear CCR playing in the background. That’s Creedence Clearwater Revival to the uninitiated.

I settled in to write my post. I was nearly finished when I spied the time. Dang, I’ll have to go. His nibs has an appointment and needs the car. Saved my work to who knows where and now I can’t find it. It’s out there in cyberspace.

The moral of this story is. Schedule time for the library and take my thingies. You know, these wee travel thinga-ma-bobs that hold all my work and walk to the library for a couple of hours every day. No FB, no Pinterest or even email. That’s for the afternoon. Now I have a plan. Will I keep it? We shall see. I hope they allow large cups of java while I work. One needs sustenance.

  • ·         My reading material this week is a novel by Catherine Astolfo  www.catherineastolfo.com  called Victim-an Emily Taylor mystery  “A disappearance...a Native legend...a murder...a terrific read”– Donna Carrick, author of The First Excellence. So far I agree. Great read.

  • ·         Don’t forget to come back to Jamie Tremain this Friday, Aug 2nd for the interview with Vicki Delaney. Sure to be interesting with news of her new book ‘A Cold White Sun”.

  • ·         It’s the countdown for Scene of the Crime http://www.sceneofthecrime.ca/happening on Wolfe Island the w/e of August 17th. Liz and I are so looking forward to meeting some new friends and old. Workshop with Barbara Fradkin and an interview with Andrew Pyper.

  • This is who you’ll be missing if you’re not registered. Only eighteen days to go.
  • Ian Hamilton, author of the award-winning Ava Lee series
  • Janet Bolin, author of the delightfully cozy Threadville series
  • Linda Wiken (aka Erika Chase) a members of last year’s Grant Allen winners, the Ladies Killing Circle, and author of the Asthon Corners Book Club Mysteries
  • Gloria Ferris, whose first novel Cheat the Hangman, won the 2012 Bony Blythe Award for favourite light mystery
  • Guest lecture by Paul Schliesmann, author of Honour on Trial; The Shafia Murders and the Culture of Honour Killings.

It should be an interesting w/e. Hope you're enjoying the cooler weather.

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